Motivating My Team to Achieve High Performance

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  • Do you need to improve the motivation of your team?
  • Is your team achieving all they could?
  • Do you feel there is untapped potential in your team?
  • Do you need some new ideas to lift your team’s performance?

Delivered by Leadership Coach and Facilitator Saul Wajntraub, this 4-hour online workshop will provide you with the skills and tools you need to motivate your team to achieve sustainable high-performance results enabled by great leadership.

Unlock your team’s potential and learn:

  1. Who am I as a leader?
  2. How do I motivate my team?
  3. How do I have a conversation to manage performance?
How to Motivate My Team training course

Why Attend this Course?

How to motivate my team online training

The goal of every leader is to create a high performing team. Creating the environment for high performance is not easy without knowing how to motivate the people who you need to get the work done. Creating high performance is rarely done successfully without a leader having a clear plan.

Too often we expect leaders to lift the output and performance of a team but give them no direction, tools, guidance, support or practice at having the types of conversations that lift the motivation of a team. Finding the key to motivate your people to give their best is the secret to high performance.

This workshop will give you the practical tools to change the performance of your team. You will think about motivating your team with fresh eyes and gain a real understanding of how to tap into your people and unlock their discretionary effort.

What you’ll learn

In this Motivating My Team to Achieve High-Performance course you’ll learn:

  1. What motivates people and how to tap into that motivation
  2. Practical conversation starters to motivate your team
  3. How to use ‘gears’ in your conversations, moving from an empathetic approach to a more assertive one when needed.
  4. What strengths you bring as a leader and how that is affecting the motivation of your team. You will be more aware of where you need to flex your communication style to tap into your team’s motivation.

What concepts are covered in this workshop?

The Motivating My team for High-Performance workshop is designed to fast-track your skills in a 4-hour workshop.

Your success as a leader will be determined by the quality of the work your team produces. A leaders role is not to be great at doing the majority of tasks themselves, but to ensure your team has the motivation needed to give their maximum effort and to provide the support to complete tasks they may not have mastered.

Unlocking each individual’s discretionary effort is the key to leading a high performing team.

Every individual is motivated by different intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The more motivation that come from inside the individual (intrinsic) rather than through the leader or incentives (extrinsic) the more sustainable the motivation is.

A leader must learn how to tap into each individuals motivation and to harness that motivation and align it to work outputs.

A leader who is not willing to coach and challenge their people will end up doing more of the work instead of lifting the capability of their team via coaching. Challenging people is far easier when you understand their motivation.

Motivation is a complex topic and this workshop focusses on 3 elements:

  1. Who am I as a leader?
  2. How do I motivate my team?
  3. How do I have a conversation to manage performance?
Motivating My Team training course

About your trainer

Saul Wajntraub is the leadership coach and facilitator that can help you to help your team to improve

Saul has positively changed the performance of leaders and their teams from frontline leaders to general managers, from blue-collar to corporate, from news leader to experienced professionals.

Saul gets results because of:

  • 10 years of experience in leadership coaching and design.
  • A proven capability to design and deliver leadership programs at the frontline and middle leader level for Australia’s biggest companies, including Australia Post, Telstra and Yellow/White Pages.
  • The ability to tailor his program for smaller companies and teams: Salmat, Securepay, Expedia, Transurban, Medibank, ARQ and WME.
  • His highly practical, theory-based approach to building programs.
  • His ability to quickly understand your business and tailor solution design to suit.
Saul Wajntraub Leadership Fundamentals March 2021 trainer

Zoom Zoom!

With COVID making travelling difficult for the foreseeable future, all of our courses have now been transitioned to online.

The added benefit is that has now removed the physical barrier to course attendance and we’ve been thrilled to welcome students from all across the world to our recent courses and with the Australian Time Zone (AEDT/AEST), the course is suitable for a range of different countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, PNG, China and so on.

This course is 4 hours in total and will include a couple of short breaks.

The courses are conducted via ZOOM with the course link provided after the bookings are confirmed.

How to motivate your employees online training course


As you’ll note from the testimonials below, you’ll be in great hands for this training course with Saul consistently receiving some of our highest course satisfaction rates.

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Private & Public training options

The Motivating My Team for High-Performance course is available publicly (anyone can attend) and privately (just for your organisation):

Public courses are great for small numbers with the added value of learning from and meeting others on a similar journey.

The time and date are fixed enabling you to plan ahead and make sure you can free up some time in your diary to focus on your development.

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Private courses can be a cost-effective method for training larger numbers and a great tool for driving organisational-wide leadership skills.

You can also have more flexibility with dates and times to suit your organisation and examples etc can be adjusted specifically to your business.

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Payment Options

Tickets can be purchased instantly via credit card on the course pages (select the dates at the bottom of this page) and you can also request an invoice (the invoice must be paid in full prior to the course commencing).

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Add extra leadership skills to your toolkit

The Motivating My Team to Achieve High-Performance workshop is a 4-hour course designed to provide you with the skills you need to motivate your team. But there are many other elements required to be a great leader and we have them all covered in our Leadership Fundamentals course that includes six modules:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Having the Right Conversation
  3. Motivating My Team (this workshop!)
  4. Planning & Prioritising (getting stuff done!)
  5. Mindset and Running Great Meetings
  6. Change Leadership Through Clear Communication

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