Private Training Courses

Whilst our public courses can be a great way to meet others and learn about other industries, sometimes it’s more practical and cost-effective to conduct training courses that have been specifically designed just for you.

Whether its a modification to one of our public courses but delivered in the comfort of your own premises, an online course for people working at-home/remotely, or a custom-built training program to address a specific need, CX Skills can develop a private training course or program specifically for you.

We can come to you! Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, we run courses all over Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart as well as all over the world including New Zealand, Philippines, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and more!

CX Skills Private Training Courses

Benefits of Private Training Courses

Our Private Training Courses offer a range of benefits over the public training courses including:

1. Scheduling flexibility

Running a business or contact centre operations is always like walking a tightrope balancing resources to demand. Private training courses enable you to schedule the course dates and times that best suit your business to minimise or eliminate the business impact.

2. Cost-effective

It’s a bit like buying in bulk! Our private training courses can be far more cost-effective if you need to train multiple resources. We can offer everything from a one-off class or organisation-wide training for hundreds of attendees.

3. Customised Content

In our public courses, we use generic role-plays, customer scenarios (including calls & emails) and fictional products and services to help facilitate our training. With our private courses, all the content can be tailored to your business – we can use actual calls and emails, your products and services that can help improve the learning outcomes specifically for your business.

You may also see some courses on our website that look great – but you’d like to pick and choose some of the modules. Just talk to us and we’ll customise a training course just for you.

4. On-premise training

Save both time and money on having your team commute to a training venue when we can come directly to your premises. We provide training in all Australian locations as well as overseas having conducted training courses in New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Germany and more!

Available Private Training Courses

Most of our publicly available training courses can be conducted privately either in-house (at your organisation) or via online (typically via Zoom) or we can custom design a course specifically to meet your requirements.

Learn more about our various courses:

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