About the CX Skills Training Partners

At CX Skills we like to do things a little differently to ensure we get the best training outcome for you and your team.

We do all the hard work in vetting the training courses and partners so you can be assured that any training you book through CX Skills will be of exceptional quality and a quick check of our customer testimonials will provide evidence of just how seriously we take this process.

This provides you with some comfort in knowing that all the CX Skills training partners are proven experts from across the world. And as we are completely agnostic of any vendors or consulting companies, our focus is on just bringing you global best practices from a wide variety of industry professionals.

Often many of our training partners are industry experts who have branched out on their own after decades of industry experience, but perhaps don’t have the marketing, website, payment gateways etc to make it easy to sell their courses.

CX Skills provides the platform to market their courses and we handle the customer enquiries, marketing and payments for them so they can just focus on doing what they do best – training!

Being a commercial business, we take a small commission from the ticket sales to support us in marketing and running the CX Skills business including the website development, marketing, customer enquiries etc.

Since we first launched in 2018 we’ve been able to help significantly grow all of our partner’s businesses and importantly, help expose more people to some of the great courses on offer to help improve the skills in the contact centre, customer service and customer experience industry!

If you’re an expert in your field and you’d like to become a CX Skills training partner contact us today for a no-obligation discussion!

Our Partners at CX Skills

CX Skills Training Partners – Indivduals

Click on the photo to learn more about our individual CX Skills training partners and view their upcoming courses, customer testimonials and more!

CX Skills Training Partners – Corporate

As well as partnering with individual trainers, as demand increases, we are starting to expand our course offerings by partnering with organisations that share the same values about high-quality training courses and a genuine passion to help our industry prosper.

We’ll be adding lots more in 2023 so stay tuned but for now, read more about the CX Skills training partners by clicking on the logo below.

Working with CX Skills

Working with CX Skills enables you to focus on delivering amazing courses while we focus on marketing, ticketing, customer service etc.

If you’d like to know more about becoming one of the CX Skills Training Partners, contact us at +61 3 9008 7287 between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Melbourne Australia (AEST or AEDT) Monday to Friday or send us a message anytime >

Daniel Ord Testimonial for CX Skills

I began working with CX Skills in 2019 – at that time we were working face to face and Justin Tippett (founder of CX Skills) organised a series of workshops for me in Australia – all of which went off beautifully and introduced me to a completely new set of clients.

Starting in 2020, with his help, we transitioned fully to online and he’s put together websites, course calendars, marketing strategies and (best of all perhaps) helped put literally hundreds of participants in our online workshops.  In fact, much of my training calendar is built and managed by CX Skills at this point.

Of course, on our side, we need to bring expertise and experience to the equation.  But getting new people into the door isn’t always easy – and Justin has done such a terrific job of that – continuing to innovate regularly.  2023 has been our best year together ever – and the future looks bright for even bigger years ahead, and hopefully another trip ‘down-under’! – Daniel Ord, Omnitouch International