CX Skills Customer Testimonials 

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing CX Skills customer testimonials we have received from students who have completed our courses. Whilst we might only be a small Australian-owned company, our focus is on ensuring all our students receive world-class training from both local and global experts and we love nothing better than getting some great feedback from our students!

With a focus only on contact centre, customer experience and customer service courses facilitated by industry experts, ultimately it’s the passion for the industry and the quality of our training that is our differentiator in the market.

We’ve listed some of the CX Skills customer testimonials below from students who have completed some of our courses.

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CX Skills Customer Testimonials
Katrina Hassett customer testimonial

I loved the training! I’d been looking for this type of training for some time and it certainly exceeded all my expectations. A great opportunity to learn the fundamental principles and frameworks behind Customer Experience and Daniel was a great presenter! – Katrina Hassett, Student Services Manager, Gordan TAFE (2019 course participant)

Clare Hagioglou Profile Picture

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and for me personally, I rank the course as the best one I have done throughout my career. – Clare Hagioglou, Senior Systems Officer Customer Service, Customer & Digital, City of Casey (class of 2019)

Christine Stuart profile picture

It is one of the best courses I have done in my career. It was all so relevant and logical. My challenge now will be ‘where to start’! It was great meeting everyone and hearing their stories too. – Christine Stuart, Capability Manager, Contact Centre Branch, Water Corporation (class of 2019)

Jess Lonergan profile pic

The past two days would not have been so worthwhile and enjoyable without the contribution of the group – thank you for your openness and honesty, and it was a pleasure to meet you!  And especially thank you to Justin and Daniel for the simple but effective way of explaining the content – so easy to follow along and absorb, even at the end of the day! – Jessica Lonergan, Coordinator Customer Service, Gordon Tafe (class of 2019)

Claire Prescott profile picture

I have to say I didn’t sleep much at all last night, so much information and learning bouncing around in my head, so much to challenge and definitely lots of opportunities to improve. The hardest part is going to be where to start! Ah wait, I know the answer to that one, Service Level! – Claire Prescott, Contact Centre Manager, Unity Water (class of 2019)

customer testimonial from Maureen Wanu

The CX competencies training was a real eye-opener for me! As the head of the call centre channel, my focus has traditionally been on my team but this course has enabled me to see the bigger picture and provided me with the skills and framework to apply CX strategies and thinking across our entire business. – Maureen Wanu, Head of Customer Contact Centre, Bank South Pacific Limited (2019 course participant)

Customer testimonials from Mike Whittaker

The best days I’ve spent in training for a long time! This course is the ‘gold standard’ for Customer Experience Professionals looking to sharpen their skills and understanding of the six core competencies needed to effectively lead and transform their organisation’s Customer Experience – Mike Whittaker, Manager Customer Service, City of Casey (2019 course participant)

customer testimonial from Tim Green

“We weren’t sure what to expect when we switched from the classroom training approach to an online delivery model. It exceeded all expectations and provided an even better experience for staff as well as enhanced learning outcomes. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. – Tim Green, Commercial Capability Manager, Philip Morris

Michael Mirabito testimonial

“When we started our work with Simon we incorporated his Five Degrees model into our CX framework. This has helped us deliver improved service through via both our own staff and also those with our outsourced partners. Everyone has reaped the benefits from our improved Service Desk experience to Toyota employees that has come from our long-term partnership” – Michael Mirabito, Manager – Service Improvement, Toyota

Video Testimonials 

More CX Skills Customer Testimonials 

All of our trainers are industry experts and their expertise and passion is certainly not lost as you can read in more customer testimonials whether they are for Daniel Ord, Simon Blair or Justin Tippett.

“Thought I would let you know that it is the most outstanding Customer Service course I have ever done! From the videos to the role-plays and the general interaction with the guys. They were both professional and fun. Great work guys. Thanks! – Customer Service Training Participant, TAFE NSW

“It is difficult to come up with one part of the training that was my favourite. The whole thing I believe was one of the most inspiring training sessions that I have done in 11.5 years at Aurora. I’m excited at just how much the Five Degrees approach can improve our customer experience – Customer Service Team Leader Training Participant, Aurora Energy

“I would recommend this training as it was insightful and refreshing. Simon really made us step out of our own perspective and into the customer experience. There were things he covered that I was just wowed by. I’m so used to set scripts and pitches but Simon covered the words to say, voice volume, pauses and how to have conversations that makes the customer comfortable to build trust.” – Customer Service Training Participant, Philip Morris

“WOW OH WOW, I’ve just listened to recordings of three of the coaching sessions Simon did. The way he delivers his feedback is awesome and he has some really powerful tips for the guys which simplify things.” – Customer Service Train-the-Trainer Participant, RACT

“As a new Manager, this was a fantastic affirmation of the direction I am headed in. Daniel was professional and engaging and has given me the tools to improve the experience at our organisation.”

“Fantastic program clearly addressing the subject matter. Super energy maintained right through the program. Keep it up!!”

“As a new Manager, this was a fantastic affirmation of the direction I am headed in. Daniel was professional and engaging and has given me the tools to improve the experience at our organisation.”

“Fantastic program clearly addressing the subject matter. Super energy maintained right through the program. Keep it up!!”

“This is the best course I have taken so far. Daniel was very good. The course touches on current issues. Roleplays were very useful.”

“Interesting, fun & easy to understand because there’s a lot of examples.”

“Justin’s knowledge and experience in the industry gives you an invaluable insight into how we can improve our operations. The course was very informative and enjoyable!”

“A great experience for anybody seeking to become a leader in the call centre. Clear and comprehensive material that will challenge you to become a better you.”

“Justin is a wealth of knowledge and adapts well to the skill of the audience. We will certainly be implementing a few of the concepts we learnt.”

“Justin was an excellent teacher, very charismatic with his information delivery. The course was informative, relevant and presented in a logical way that was easy to understand.”

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