About CX Skills

CX Skills was launched with one goal in mind – to be the best specialist CX & contact centre training provider in Australia. We aim to this by:

  • Recognising the importance of both the CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience) to enable the delivery of consistently great experiences.
  • Only partnering with proven industry experts that have specific experience in and around the CX industry, and who have a proven passion for supporting and promoting the industry.
  • Helping to actively facilitate the building of professional networks to help course participants continue to receive support and learning long after our courses have finished.

Whilst all our trainers are great facilitators, they are first and foremost industry professionals that typically also have their own businesses in and around the CX industry. This ensures you learn directly from practising industry professionals who skills and knowledge are still current.

The CX Skills Difference

Sure, there are lots of training organisations out there, but there are a few key differences that make CX Skills a great choice for your training:

  • We only specialise in CX and Contact Centres – in fact, we live and breathe it!
  • We partner with industry experts rather than employ full-time trainers so we can consistently bring you a wide range of courses and expertise.
  • All our courses have been designed to deliver results based on decades of experience in CX and Contact Centres across both the public and private sectors. No fluff or fancy corporate concepts – just real proven concepts that work.
  • Our learnings didn’t come from a university degree (although some of our trainers are very well qualified). All our trainers are CX or contact centre professionals with real practical experience.
  • You won’t get any formal education recognition when you complete our courses. If you’d like to earn a Certificate 3 or 4 or are just putting people through some courses to tick some boxes then there are plenty of other providers out there who will happily take your money. What you get with us is the opportunity to fast track your learning from some of the best professionals in the contact centre industry and we think that’s far more valuable.

The CX Skills Guiding Principles

Whilst we offer a range of courses from half-day short courses through to advanced high-performance workshops, you will experience our guiding principles in every course you attend:

We Practice what we preach – We only teach content that had proven results and that we have or would use ourselves as leading industry practitioners.
Make learning fun – Create a fun, rewarding and safe environment for people to laugh, learn and grow.
Facilitate Networks – Help course participants to build and nurture a professional network for support and growth opportunities.
Show the love – Be proud and passionate about the CX and contact centre industry and the amazing opportunities it provides.

So whether you are just starting your CX or contact centre journey, or you are looking to take your skills to the next level, we look forward to helping you with your journey.

Leading the Industry

CX Skills is part of the CX Group Australia providing a range of products and services to those working in the CX industry, and for businesses looking for resources, support and services to improve their Customer Experience.

We also offer CX & Contact Centre specialist consulting and have the largest free website that supports CX Professionals in Australia with a heap of free resources including expert articles, call centre calculators, CX Glossary, Business Directory and more. Visit CX Central