About CX Skills

CX Skills is a local Australian business that works exclusively in the call centre and customer experience industry in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region offering training courses designed and facilitated exclusively by industry professionals with decades of experience.

Whilst we initially provided in-person training predominately in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, throughout COVID we have transitioned all of our courses to an online learning environment. And whilst it took some adjusting at first, we have now taken full advantage of online training as it’s enabled us to offer additional courses at a cheaper rate as we no longer have travel and venue costs we need to factor in and with the physical barrier removed, our courses are available to a much wider audience.

Of course, sometimes face to face is still better and as COVID rules are relaxed within Australia and across Asia Pacific, we will commence offering private and public training options as soon as it is safe to do so.

Regardless of the delivery method, our focus will continue to be on providing premium training courses delivered by industry experts rather than the run of the mill, cookie-cutter courses that are churned out by corporate training organisations that have no real commitment (or insight) into our industry.

About CX Skills training in Australia

We’re more than just online courses!

Our parent website, CX Central, is Australia’s number one website used by customer experience, BPO and contact centre professionals and for over 9 years our thought leadership, industry advocacy and our vast range of support resources have lead the way.

All our trainers are call centre or customer experience industry professionals and meet our stringent requirements to ensure your team is always trained by the best in the industry. From local experts such as Justin Tippett or Simon Blair through to global experts like Daniel Ord, you can be assured your training will be delivered by credible experts teaching skills that will make a difference to your workforce.

CX Central partnership with CX Skills

The CX Skills Difference

We might only be small, but we are incredibly proud of the courses we run, the trainers we partner wth and the quality of our training courses. We are acutely aware there are lots of options in the marketplace when it comes to training, and our goal is to establish ourselves as the premium contact centre and customer experience training company in the Asia Pacific region.

A few more things about CX Skills:

  • We only specialise in training courses related to Customer Experience, Customer Service and Contact Centres.
  • We only partner with trainers who are industry experts with the ‘runs on the board’. If we wouldn’t let them train staff in our business, we certainly wouldn’t let them train in yours.
  • We practice what we preach – these aren’t just textbook courses designed to sell tickets. We also run a thriving consulting practice helping businesses improve their customer service, CX, contact centre and sales delivery and use the same courses to drive real change.  No fluff or fancy corporate concepts – just real training the delivers results.
  • We are committed to contributing to and growing our industry as evidenced through our CX Central website that helps over 10k people every month and our Call Centre Legends Facebook page followed by over 30k call centre professionals.
About CX Skills training Australia

The CX Skills Guiding Principles

Whilst we offer a range of courses from online, half-day short courses through to advanced high-performance workshops, you will experience our guiding principles in every course you attend:

We Practice what we preach – We only teach content that has proven results and that we would use ourselves as leading industry practitioners.

Make learning fun – We create a fun, rewarding and safe environment for people to laugh, learn and grow.

Facilitate Networks – We help course participants to build and nurture a professional network for support and growth opportunities.

Be proud of our industry  – We are proud and passionate about the Customer Experience and Contact Centre industry and the amazing career opportunities it provides.

So whether you are just starting your own personal customer experience or contact centre journey or you are looking for solutions to transform your workforce, we look forward to being a part of your learning journey.

To discuss the best training solutions for your business please contact us on 03 9008 7287 or send us a message via our online form.

Additional services

As well as our training courses, we also offer CX & Contact Centre specialist consulting and have a heap of free resources including expert articles, call centre calculators, industry Events Calendar, CX Glossary, Business Directory and more on our CX Central website >