About CX Skills

CX Skills is an extension of Australia’s number one website for customer experience and contact centre professionals, CX Central.  With decades of experience working exclusively in the call centre and customer experience industry in Australia, we now bring that experience directly to you to help you improve your business.

Our focus is on providing small, niche training courses rather than the run of the mill, cookie-cutter courses that are churned out by training organisations that run hundreds of different courses across a range of different industries.

All our trainers are call centre or customer experience industry professionals and meet our stringent requirements to ensure your team is always trained by the best in the industry. From local experts such as Justin Tippett or Simon Blair through to global experts like Daniel Ord, you can be assured your training will be delivered by credible experts teaching skills that will make a difference to your workforce.

The CX Skills Difference

We believe what makes us special is:

  • We only specialise in Customer Experience, Customer Service and Contact Centres – in fact, we live and breathe it!
  • We partner with industry experts rather than employ full-time trainers so we can bring you cost-effective training courses across a wide range of courses using experts from all over the world.
  • We practice what we preach – these aren’t just textbook courses. We run a thriving consulting practice helping businesses improve their customer service and sales delivery and use the same courses to drive real change.  No fluff or fancy corporate concepts – just real proven concepts that work.

The CX Skills Guiding Principles

Whilst we offer a range of courses from online, half-day short courses through to advanced high-performance workshops, you will experience our guiding principles in every course you attend:

We Practice what we preach – We only teach content that has proven results and that we would use ourselves as leading industry practitioners.
Make learning fun – We create a fun, rewarding and safe environment for people to laugh, learn and grow.
Facilitate Networks – We help course participants to build and nurture a professional network for support and growth opportunities.
Show the love – We are proud and passionate about the CX and contact centre industry and the amazing opportunities it provides.

So whether you are just starting your CX or contact centre journey, or you are looking to take your skills to the next level, we look forward to helping you with your journey.

Additional services 

We also offer CX & Contact Centre specialist consulting and have a heap of free resources including expert articles, call centre calculators, industry Events Calendar, CX Glossary, Business Directory and more on our CX Central website.