Contact Centre Training Courses

When it comes to contact centres, one thing is for sure – they are diverse! From small centres to large, inbound to outbound, sales, service, technical support, complaints, telephone account management and so one there are literally hundreds of different ‘types’ that have all evolved to meet the needs of their respective business. 

So whether its customer service skills, sales skills, learning how to run an efficient operations, be a better team leader, how to design a quality program and so on we have a range of courses all delivered by proven industry experts who have walked the walk (or more importanlty talked the talk!) to help you deliver a best-practice contact centre operations.

Contact centre training courses

Customer Service Training Courses

Customer Service doesn’t just belong in the contact centre. Whether its customer service teams, retail staff, feild staff and so on, anyone who has interaction with your most valuable commodity, customers, can all benefit from enhancing their customer service skills.

From learning how to have effective conversations, handling objections or learning how to make the customer feel like the most important person in the world we’ve got a range of programs that will empower your teams with the skills they need to excel.

Customer service training courses

Customer Experience (CX) Training Courses

As well as contact centre and customer service training courses, we also offer a range of Specialist CX training courses. From CX Fundamentals based on the global CCXP standards through to Customer Journey Mapping, Net Promoter Scores, Voice of the Customer Programs and more.

Our specialist Customer Experience courses are all designed to help you identify and improve the customer experience across your entire business, not just the contact centre.

Customer experience training courses
CX Training Courses

About all our Training Courses

Our sales and customer service courses are designed and delivered by CX (Customer Experience) & Contact Centre experts with decades of experience to deliver real, practical skills that can be applied in the ‘real world’.

From short online courses or half-day courses to brush up on some skills, one-day courses for call centre agents, emerging leaders or high-performance contact centre management programs delivered over multiple days, we have a range of training courses and workshops to suit all skill levels and budgets.

We’ve got contact centre, customer service and CX training courses to suit all skills and budgets

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Customer Service & Contact Centre Specialists

We are specialist Customer Service, Customer Experience & Contact Centre trainers with decades of experience running real contact centres and CX programs.

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We only partner with the best trainers in Australia and from across the world to ensure you learn from the best.

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Our courses have been designed to deliver real, practical skills that can deliver immediate benefits.