Inbound Phone Sales Foundations Training Course 

$598 Per Person

Brand new course for 2024!

Do you have employees who work in phone-based roles where there is an opportunity to sell to customers (either directly or to upsell/cross-sell) or handle bookings and/or appointments?

Do you want to ensure your customers receive great customer service and you make the most of every potential sales opportunity to generate additional revenue for your business?

The Inbound Phones Sales Foundations training course combines some of our most popular courses into one handy course covering the essential skills for handling sales opportunities over the phone, how to handle objections, and how to build resilience to handle the rigours of working on the phones all day with customers to ensure your employees can consistently function at their best.

The training is aligned to the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) Contact Centre Quality Standards that has been refined and optimised over three decades, and is the same Standards used to assess the sales performance of Australian contact centres that is published in the Australian Call Centre Rankings Report each month.

We don’t teach scripts (they don’t work), but rather we equip your employees with five core competencies and specific behaviours that will change your employee’s perspective and approach that shifts the focus from using a traditional ‘sales process’ to one that makes it easier for customers to buy without feeling like they are being ‘sold’ to and treated like a number.

Delivered over 3 x 3-hour online sessions (total of 9 hours of live, expert training), your employees will be coached to progressively learn, build and apply new habits and skills that will transform their psychology and performance to positively impact your customers and business like never before.

So if you’re looking for a great all-round course that will return the investment you make in training your employees with an immediate uplift in your sales performance, this is one course not to be missed!

Inbound Phone Sales Foundations Training Course

Inbound Phone Sales Foundations Training Course Fast Facts

  • 3 x 3-Hour modules (9 hours in total) of live, facilitated training by industry experts, so it’s easy to schedule with minimal operational impact.
  • Suitable for any employee interacting with customers over the phone where there are sales opportunities.
  • Employees will learn leading phone sales techniques plus resilience and wellbeing skills to enable them to consistently perform at their best.
  • The skills & methodologies are aligned with the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association Phone Sales Quality Standards and can be applied across any industry.
  • All sessions are delivered live & online with high engagement (learn and laugh!).
  • Designed and facilitated by TWO industry experts (not just someone reading off a Powerpoint template!)

Optimised for online learning (virtual training)

This course has been specifically adapted to be delivered online via Zoom for employees either at work or from home, with employee engagement and learning outcomes enhanced by the short bursts of interactive and engaging development methods.

With the benefits of live facilitated online training, we are able to effectively use two expert trainers that would otherwise not be feasible with onsite training due to the additional costs.

The Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course will introduce and coach your employees through the essential behaviours needed for superior sales over the phone channel that trigger positive emotions and high levels of customer and employee engagement.

With short, 3-hour modules, it enables you the flexibility to schedule the training with minimal disruption for your business as well as delivering improved learning outcomes (it can be challenging to focus for an entire day of training and retain all the learnings).

Sales Training over the phone

Who should do this course?

Inbound Sales Professional Phone Skills Training

The Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course has been designed to improve performance for any employee that works in a role that interacts with customers over the phone where there are sales opportunities.

The 3 x 3-hour sessions have been designed to be delivered in a structured manner enabling your employees to learn and apply their new skills between the different modules.

The skills we teach are applicable to all industries, products and services!

Typical roles include:

  • Call centre agents working in a dedicated sales role where customers are calling inbound (i.e. customers are calling your business).
  • Customer Service staff who have the opportunity to cross-sell or upsell.
  • Receptionists/Front-of-house roles that handle bookings and appointments.
  • Telephone account managers.
  • Frontline staff who interact with customers over the phone.

If you are looking for a shorter or more targeted course option, we have the Inbound Phone Sales Essentials, (the shorter version of this course in a single, three-hour course) or Inbound Sales Professional (the same duration as this course but with different modules) and the Retail and Hospitality Foundations course (for in-person sales and customer service) 

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What your employees will learn:

The Inbound Phone Sales Foundations course is designed to equip your employees with a set of essential phone skills they need to work in a role that involves working with customers on the phone.

How to have better conversations that results in happier customers and more sales, along with skills to help them consistently perform at their best are all covered in this course that pulls content from some of our most popular courses and rolls them into one!

There’s plenty of role-playing, interaction and practice included to ensure your employees can put their new skills to work with the training conducted in a safe, fun and welcoming online environment.

At the end of the course, your employees will be provided with a certificate of achievement and most importantly, they’ll be empowered with new skills that will help them succeed in their role, and deliver improved outcomes for your business.

Key course outcomes include: 

Inbound Phone Sales Training Course outcomes
  • Phone skills that enable your employees to engage customers with confidence that will result in increased sales.
  • Skills to provide empathy and handle objections that will reduce anxiety in your staff in how to handle those tough situations.
  • Skills on how to build resilience that will enable your employees to consistently work at their best when dealing with customers on a regular basis.
  • Expert tips on wellbeing to enable your employees to achieve optimal health (that will enable them to perform at their best inside and outside of work)

9 hours of live training delivered over 3 x 3-Hour Sessions 

The public version of the Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course is a 9-hour training course spaced out over 3 x 3-hour sessions to minimise the impact on your operations and enable employees time to learn and apply their new skills in between each session.

This course can also be conducted privately,  which provides greater flexibility with the dates, times and duration of the course (e.g. we could deliver one 3-hour session per week for three weeks, complete all the sessions in consecutive days, run the sessions only in the mornings or afternoons during your quieter periods etc.) and the content can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Session 1

The first session sets up the training so employees understand the science behind why customers purchase (but we make it fun!) and then we teach the two ‘book’ends of how to start and end calls.

The skills your employees are taught align with the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association Quality Standards that are used to assess and rank contact centres in Australia for their phone sales skills.

1. The Psychology of Sales

This module sets the scene about what customers want and need to make a purchase based on decades of research, WHY the customer’s experience is everything and how crucial your employees’ interaction with the customer is in the purchasing process so they understand how and why this training is important!

2. How to Engage

How to create a strong first impression and have impact at the start of any interaction by showing strong ownership and intent, managing expectations and building trust and confidence.

3. How to Close any Call

Your employees will learn how to avoid those often awkward, clunky finishes through a simple method of strong final checks, expressions of gratitude and thanks in a warm farewell.

Session 2

The second sessions teaches your employees how to get to the core of what a customer needs in order to provide the right solution for them, along with technqiques on how to overcome objections.

Time is included for your employees to practice and role-play their new skills so they can hit the ground running!

4. Better Needs Discovery

Learn and apply techniques used by the FBI for enhanced customer conversations that efficiently and effectively identify and confirm what customers wish to achieve through your products and services.

5. How to Educate Customers and Close the Deal

Participants learn how to proactively educate customers through consistent checks of understanding, comfort and suitability with key information and solutions provided.

6. Empathy and Objection Handling

Your employees will learn how to use empathy to diffuse emotion along with a powerful two-step process for responding to customer concerns and objections.

Session 3 - Resilience & Wellbeing

Speaking to customers all day on the phone combined with the pressures of having to achieve sales targets (or, at a minimum, expectations) can be draining, so ensuring your employees are taught the foundations of resilience ensures they are better equipped to deal with the rigours of working in phone sales that will result in improved performance, reduced stress leave, lower turnover, etc.

But even armed with the best resilience skills, if your health is poor and you are constantly feeling sick, tired, etc., it’s hard to perform at your best and this can manifest in higher unplanned leave, reduced performance etc.

So this module also includes some global best-practice health and wellness tips that are easy to implement and can positively impact your well-being.

1. Resilience – What it is and isn’t

Resilience is often described as our ability to deal with difficult situations and recover quickly, usually described as toughness. What is frequently missed is the ability to master these situations, or more than one situation, in a way that is healthy and suits each of us.

Resilience is not just the ability to ‘soldier on’ but how to embrace difficult times and challenging situations as a learning opportunity without carrying the burden.

2. Pillars of Health And Wellbeing

The 4 Pillars of health and wellbeing are the foundations that will set you up for success and give you the strong base to build resilience, critical thinking and a solutions focused approach.

Ensuring your team has the strongest and most solid foundations will enable your employees to position themselves in the top per cent of those who are able to not only manage, but master difficult situations and challenging times.


3. Creating an environment to build resilience

This is not about soldiering on or being toughening up. Real resilience comes from the habits, thoughts and behaviours that create a healthy external and internal environment.

Having both the short term and long term strategies to effectively deal with life’s challenges as they arise are essential to your success and the success of your team, both professionally and personally.

This module will give you the tools to build upon your current strategies and steps to move through your day in the best way.

4. Top Tips to Wellbeing

Your employees will learn some of the leading well-being tips that will keep them happy, healthy, vital and consistently performing at their best.

Small and simple tips that create big results when consistently applied will result in your team having higher employee engagement, improved productivity, lowered stress levels, and a higher level achievement.

4. Top Tips to Wellbeing

Your employees will learn some of the leading well-being tips that will keep them strong and performing well through any situation and life event.

These small and simple tips create big results when consistently applied, enabling your employees to constantly perform at their best, inside and out of work, resulting in higher employee engagement and improved productivity.

Other training courses suitable for phone-based employees include Inbound Sales Essentials (short 3-hour course),  Inbound Sales Professionals (9-hour course), Workplace Resilience Essentials (short 3-hour course), Retail & Hospitality Foundations (sales and customer service over the phone and in-person).

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Not one, but two expert Trainers!

When you are building a house, you wouldn’t ask the electrician to do the plumbing for you or expect the plasterer to build the entire house – you use the specialist trades to focus on their skillset to get the best result.

And that’s the same approach to training!

Resilience/Wellbeing is a completely different skill from phone-based selling skills, so to ensure you get the best result for your employees, we use two specialist trainers!

It’s one of the big advantages of virtual/online training, enabling us to use two industry experts to deliver the best training outcomes, and for this course, we’ve got two of the best in the business!

Both Simon Blair and Nant Nissen are respective experts in their fields, each with decades of experience behind them.

This ensures that participants of the Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course receive the maximum benefits, delivering the best return on your training investment.

Simon Blair

Simon Blair Course trainer for Inbound Sales Foundations course
Simon Blair, one of Australia's leading customer service & sales trainers!

Simon has trained thousands of employees across a variety of businesses in Australia in a career spanning over 30 years and he’s recognised as one of Australia’s leading phone customer service & sales trainers, providing high-energy, fun and interactive training sessions that deliver immediate results!

Nant Nissen

Nant Nissen Inbound Phone Sales Foundations course trainer
Nant Nissen, Global Health and Wellness expert.

Nant is a global health expert with three decades of experience backed by extensive academic qualifications and evidence-based methods combined with an unequivocal passion that has helped elite athletes, small and large businesses, and senior executives achieve incredible, sustainable results.

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Pricing and Payment Options

The Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course is only available for private bookings, enabling you to request the dates and times that best suit your business, and it will be exclusive training just for your employees.

The pricing is based on $598 AUD per person ex GST for the entire 9 hours of online facilitated learning (3 x 3-hour sessions); however, discounts are available depending on the number of employees you would like to train.

A private Inbound Phone Sales Foundations training course requires a minimum of four people, and typically, we allow a maximum of fourteen people per group/class.

Each employee who attends the training will receive:

  • 9 hours of live, facilitated training.
  • Course takeaways containing key action points and prompters.
  • A Credly Digital certificate of completion.

Payment for the course can be made by credit card or you can request an invoice (payment to be made prior to the course commencing).

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