CX, Contact Centre & Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne

With Melbourne’s large, diverse culture, one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia, a popular destination for tourists and students and Melbourne’s famously friendly city reputation, there is no shortage of roles requiring customer service skills!

Melbourne also has a long and established customer service & call centre community with several large call centre outsourcers & BPOs, and many of the largest privately managed call centres in Australia, all calling Melbourne home as well.

But it’s not just Melbourne CBD that is recognised for great customer service!

Victoria also has several regional areas that have all recognised the commercial benefits of investing in customer service, whether its a small business, large corporate or the public sector.

Regional centres such as Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, for example, lead the charge with contact centres employing thousands of contact centre agents.

Hospitality is booming in Daylesford, Ballarat, Mansfield etc, and who could forget the ski fields in Mt Bulla, the diverse array of amazing wineries in the Yarra Valley, the stunning Mornington peninsula or the myriad of hotels and small businesses along the Bellarine peninsula?

With CX Skills also based in Melbourne, Victoria one thing is for sure – you’ll be spoilt for choices in finding the best Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria!

Whether your business is hospitality, retail, manufacturing, local councils and the public sector, tourism, insurance, finance, healthcare, telecommunications etc we’ve been honoured to provide training for a number of Victorian Businesses and Government departments of all sizes, and with our customer testimonials averaging 4.9/5, you can be assured your training will be in good hands!

Customer Experience and Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne

Where can you find Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne, Victoria?

If you’re searching for CX/Customer Experience courses, Contact Centres/Workforce Optimisation or Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne or anywhere across Victoria, CX Skills provides both public courses (you can purchase a ticket for one employee, multiple employees or your whole team) as well as private courses that are delivered exclusively for your employees.

Private & Customised Courses in Melbourne (and regional Victoria)

With the majority of our expert customer service and sales trainers based in Melbourne, we are able to offer a choice of either onsite or online training for most of our ready-made or custom-designed courses.

Onsite private courses are typically conducted onsite at your premises to reduce costs. As we are already in Melbourne, there is only minimal travel costs for any Victorian location – we have conducted training literally all over Victoria!

Unlike the public courses, all our onsite training is delivered privately, meaning it’s just for your employees.

We typically require a minimum of six employees for a private training course; however, it can depend on the course, so pick up the phone and give us a call at 03 9008 7287, and we can recommend the best solution for you!

Ready-made or customised courses

We have a range of ready-made courses that have been designed for particular employee types and situations based on our decades of experience.

But if you can’t find something you like, we can create a customised training program to meet your exact requirements!

Simon Blair delivering Customer Service Training Courses in Melbourne
One of our trainers, Simon Blair, delivering a private Customer Service Training Course in Melbourne

Public Courses

Our public Melbourne customer service training courses are now mostly delivered virtually/online; however, as the majority of our trainers are based in Melbourne, in this post-COVID era, we will also be offering some in-person public training courses in Melbourne later in 2024.

We’ll typically host them in a conference centre, hotel etc in Melbourne CBD or perhaps a nice little venue along the Yarra or up in the Dandenongs!

You’ll find a list of upcoming Customer Service courses in Melbourne (both virtual and onsite) at the bottom of this page.

Why CX Skills is a little different

If you're going to invest in training for your business, and the cost of taking your employees away from their job, you want to make sure it's worth the investment.

We don't use local trainers who simply read off PowerPoint templates designed by someone else. All our courses are delivered by genuine industry experts with the experience and authority that comes with it, and it's a big reason why our courses are rated so highly by customers (view our customer testimonials and companies that we have conducted training for).

The downside is that it can limit availability (as we are unable to clone our trainers!) and travel costs may apply for onsite training depending on where you are located.

But we'd much rather deliver fewer, but higher quality training courses, than a cookie-cutter approach that compromises learning and delivering on real outcomes for your business.

We are based in Melbourne, but don’t rule out online training!

Whilst we understand you are searching for Customer Service courses in Melbourne, many of our Victorian customers, still prefer online/virtual training.

When Covid hit and we were forced to go online, even we were sceptical at first, but online/virtual training really has delivered a host of unexpected benefits!

Most employees are now also very familiar with online video, whether it’s for work or personal use, and the available tools are easy to use (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc), so there is a much higher level of comfort than in the past.

And most importantly, our Customer Testimonials also confirm that the online training is still effective – we continue to average 4.9 out of 5 stars across all our online courses!

Benefits of Online training:

1. Cheaper Prices

We can offer courses at a cheaper rate as we no longer have to allow for travel costs for our trainers, venue costs, catering, insurance and so on.

2. Scheduling Flexibility

Rather than have to commit a full day (or multiple days) to attend a training course plus travel time, online/virtual courses enable you to attend courses with less downtime.

For example, rather than attend a full day 8-hour course, it can be split into two half-day sessions of 4-hours each session, or 4 x 2-hour sessions. 

This can assist reducing the impact on your business whilst your employees are trained, and it can assist with balancing learning and personal/work commitments as you don't need to 'lose' a whole day just for training.

3. More Course Options

As we don't spend a lot of time travelling, we've been able to deliver a wider range of courses, more often, providing you with more flexibility in finding the right course to suit your requirements.

4. Expert Training Options

With onsite training, we have to factor in travel time, travel costs (flights, car travel, accommodation etc.) to send a single trainer. If we needed two trainers to deliver the training, it would essentially double the costs.


With online/virtual training, we are able to use multiple trainers to deliver the best courses for your business, which just wouldn't be practical with onsite training due to the costs.

For example, in the Customer Service Foundations course, we are able to use two expert trainers to deliver different modules, providing exceptional value for your business, variety for your employees and, of course, great training outcomes.

5. Improved Learning Outcomes

Being able to break the training into smaller chunks over a longer period of time can be more beneficial than trying to cram everything into a one or two-day course as well as allowing some time to embed new learnings between sessions, something that just wasn't possible with onsite training. 

We've also been able to use online quizzes, virtual break-out rooms and short refresher breaks to ensure the online training experience remains fun and interactive.

6. Reduced Impact on Operations

Particularly with customer-facing roles, it can be hard to remove employees for training without having a negative impact on operations.

Online courses allow great scheduling flexibility, so you can fit training around the quieter periods or spread the training out over a period of time, enabling you to upskill employees whilst minimising operational impacts.

7. Increased Diversity

With the physical barrier removed from attending training courses, we've been able to (literally) welcome students from all around the world to our courses that otherwise would not have been able to attend.

This has added significantly to the diversity of our groups bringing true global perspectives that helps share learnings and expand personal networks.

Customers Testimonials

We take an enormous amount of pride in our customer testimonials as ultimately, they mean more to us than any other metric.

We have an average customer review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars across all our courses (based on 217 reviews)
Very good11%

Here is just a sample of some of the recent customer testimonials we have received:

Recent Customers

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