CX Skills Public Training Courses

The CX Skills Public Training Courses have been designed to provide businesses with an easy solution to provide high-quality training to employees that delivers immediate results, without the requirement to invest significant money into customised training programs.

As you’ll note below, there are lots of advantages in having your employees attend our public training courses and we’re grateful to the hundreds of small businesses, large corporates and the public sector who have trusted us with their training and as you can read in our customer testimonials, we’d like to think we are doing a great job!

A large part of our ongoing success is that we only specialise in courses for customer service & sales, contact centres, customer experience, workforce optimisation and workplace wellbeing.

All our trainers are industry experts, and that directly translates to better course outcomes for your business with training that works for the real world, not just to tick a box.

The majority of our public training courses are offered online as they provide a number of benefits and our customer review scores are still just as high, however, it’s always great to get back to training in person when we can, so we still offer public and private courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart and other regional cities throughout Australia.

We’re proudly the official training partner of the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA), and you can view our upcoming public training courses at the bottom of this page.

CX Skills Public Training Courses Australia

Public Training Courses that offer Exceptional Value

With decades of experience managing contact centres, customer service teams, CX teams, etc., our trainers know exactly what is needed to deliver training that drives results, not tick boxes.

While most businesses have unique components, when it comes to customer service, CX, sales, etc., there are fundamental skills that have stood the test of time and can typically be applied to any business sector/industry.

All of our Public Training Courses have been designed to provide an easy way to expose your employees to the best training available in the industry, all delivered by industry experts, not hired trainers reading off pre-prepared or purchased templates, without having to invest in tens of thousands of dollars in customised training programs that are often not needed.

Whether you want to send one employee or multiple employees, the public training courses provide a range of benefits that we’ve outlined below.

Benefits of our Public Training Courses

1. Cost-effective

There’s no need to invest thousands of dollars in a custom-designed course with a minimum number of employees.

With all our public training courses, you only need to purchase a minimum of one ticket – perfect to upskill one employee without a large outlay or commitment to a longer-term program.

Of course, we also offer discounts if you would like to send multiple attendees – refer to each course page for more information.

2. Easy to Plan Ahead

All our public training courses are scheduled in advance so you can easily find a course date, time and duration that best suits your requirements.

This enables you to spread out your training to avoid annual leave periods, busy periods, etc. or to align with budgets etc.

3. Reduced Operational Impact

We get it – taking your employees away for training courses has the potential to negatively impact your operations, especially when you need to train larger numbers.

With our public courses regularly scheduled, you can spread the training out over a period of time that will reduce the impact on your operations, whilst still ensuring all your employees receive the same high-quality training.

4. Easily Repeatable

Its not uncommon in customer-facing roles to have high turnover, so constantly having to train new employees can be draining and expensive.

As our public courses follow the same course outline each time, they enable you to send your new employees to ensure ‘everyone is on the same page’ and have the same training opportunities.

So you focus on the products and services for your business and leave the soft skills training to us!

5. Great Supplement to Private Training

As many of our customers want to get a quick uptake in performance, they schedule private training sessions with us where we can train all their employees in a relatively short space of time.

Of course, sometimes people are away, or new employees come on board after the private training has been completed.

To ensure all of their employees have received the same great training, rather than have to engage us again to deliver more private training that typically has minimum numbers, you can just send one or a few employees along to the public courses!

6. Shared Learnings

With our public course tickets available to anyone, we often get a wide variety of attendees from different industry sectors and locations bringing some great insights into the courses.

Attendees often tell us it’s a huge plus – they love hearing about other people’s experiences, challenges etc. and they can often help spark a different idea, concept or thought and provide some comfort knowing there are others are in similar situations.

7. Professional Networking

Our public training courses provide an opportunity to meet others in similar roles, so it’s a great way to connect with others over the course period and build connections with others who work in the same industry.

CX Skills training course for the public
One of our first public training courses in Melbourne 2019 for Contact Centre Managers.
public training course with CX Skills
A public Customer Journey Mapping course using a copious amount of sticky notes!

Still prefer a private training course? 

In addition to public training courses, we also offer private training courses that provide more flexibility with course dates, duration and content. 

Learn more about our private training courses >

Onsite or Online Training Options

All of our public training courses are available online or onsite.

Online Public Training Courses

All our public training courses have now been adapted for online delivery, typically via Zoom.  You can see what’s coming up at the bottom of this page.

Onsite Public Training Courses

When we are able to do so, we run our public training courses at popular training facilities, conference hotels etc. around Australia.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

There is no greater advertisement for the quality of our courses than the feedback received directly from our customers.

You can read some of the latest reviews below or view all our customer testimonials >

Our public training courses have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5
Very good7%


Upcoming Public Training Courses

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