Lay the Platform for High-Performance Team Leadership

  • Do you need to improve the performance of your leadership team?
  • Is your team achieving the best results for their talent?
  • Does your leadership team work towards shared goals or does self-interest determine decisions?
  • Is it time to invest in lifting the capability and output from your leadership team?

Our leadership fundamentals course introduces leaders to the key concepts that will equip them to drive high performance in their teams. The concepts used are deliberately simple to be easily applied in the workplace and contain language hooks that leadership teams can use to align goals and achieve real collaboration.

Aimed at frontline and mid manager levels, but useful for all leaders both new and experienced, this program will change the performance of your team through a focus on connecting with their people and prioritisation of their time.

Delivered over six weeks with two x 2-hour workshops each week (so a total of 12 workshops and 24 hours of live training), the workshops step leaders through the 6 focus areas of high-performance leadership including:

  • Building Relationships
  • Having the Right Conversation
  • Motivating My Team
  • Planning & Prioritising (Getting stuff done)
  • Mindset and Running Great Meetings
  • Change Leadership Through Clear Communication
Online Leadership Training Course

Who is this course suitable for?

Leadership Fundamentals Training Course

This Leadership Fundamentals course provides the perfect platform for all leaders, emerging leaders and leadership teams.

The opportunity to take a team of leaders through the same concepts and tools is extremely valuable and maximises the impact of these concepts.

The leadership training course also works for individual leaders looking to broaden their leadership tools and future leaders ready to grow.

It is especially suited to:

  • New Leaders
  • Newly formed leadership teams
  • Low performing leadership teams
  • Promoted Leaders
  • Long term Leaders ready for a reset

What will I learn?

The Leadership Fundamentals course provides the basic tools for any leader to achieve high performance.

Participants will come away with a set of specific tools and language hooks to maximise their effectiveness and ability to lead their team effectively.

Sharing easily applied, proven leadership techniques that drive high performance is where this program will help set your leaders up for success.

6 Structured Modules

We have built this Leadership Fundamentals Training Course to enable students time to learn and apply their new-found skills in-between sessions so the program is delivered over 6 weeks with 2 x 2-hour workshops each week on a Tuesday and Friday.

Each 2-hour workshop includes time to practice and all the workshops are delivered live by Australia’s leading Frontline Leadership Coach, Saul Wajntraub.

1. Building Relationships

Successful teams have a leader who can harness all the different skills of the people in the team for the biggest collective benefit.

Constructive, useful, and enjoyable working relationships are the foundation a leader needs to establish and grow with each of their people. These relationships build by leaders taking a genuine interest in their people and understanding what motivates each of them.

Building Rapport and Trust and understanding people’s communication preferences are the key concepts used in this workshop.

2. Having the Right Conversation

Genuine and authentic conversations are the best way to create the clear communication needed to make sure everyone in a team is on the same page. When you have the right conversation, you will find it easier to get what you need done and importantly leave the other person feeling motivated by doing the task.

The second element to clear communication is the ability to structure the conversation so information flows both ways without creating tension or misunderstanding.  Feedback is a valuable gift when given in a constructive way by someone who has your trust.  Often confusion happens due to a lack of clarity and can soon turn to disagreement and dissatisfaction.

A conversation has 2 elements; asking questions and listening to responses. If you ask the right questions, listen attentively to the replies and then respond positively to this new information, your conversation will move towards a constructive outcome.

3. Motivating My Team

Your success as a leader will be determined by the quality and quantity of the work your team produce.

The leaders’ role is not to be great at doing the majority of tasks themselves but at ensuring that your team has the motivation needed to give their maximum effort and the support to complete tasks they may not have mastered.

Unlocking your teams’ discretionary effort is the key to leading a high performing team.

Motivation is a complex topic and we will focus this workshop on 3 elements:

  1. Who am I as a leader?
  2. How do I motivate my team?
  3. How do I have a conversation to manage performance?

4. Planning & Prioritising (Getting stuff done)

Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your daily activities through strategic planning and prioritising of tasks is vital to high performance.

We share 3 tools that allow you to determine what your priorities are and then how to get the most constructive action towards completing those priorities.

So much of our time is spent being busy working but then at the end of the day our ‘to-do list’ looks just as it did when the day began, if not longer. When we spend a small amount of time consciously planning the activities and outcomes we want from the day, we take control over where we invest our time and energy.

This control gives a focus that provides the clarity to prioritise the important tasks and gets the important stuff done!

Using the language of Big Rocks, the Urgent v Important matrix and Effort v Important matrix you will be able to quickly be clear on which tasks should be your priority. These tools can be used for planning but also in the moment to help prioritise what needs to happen…. now!

5. Mindset and Running Great Meetings

An effective meeting brings relevant people together to collaboratively progress towards an objective. Having a structure and plan for how a meeting will run will help to use meeting time effectively.

Our template for running effective meetings has 3 stages:

  1. Planning – How do I set the meeting up?
  2. Handling Dynamics- How do I manage the intention of the people in the meeting?
  3. Actioning and follow-up- How do I ensure we have action after the meeting to keep moving forward.

6. Change Leadership Through Clear Communication

The one constant a leader must negotiate to create and maintain a successful team is helping people transition to meet change.

Change presents in many forms, some at organisational level, some at a team level and some at an individual level.  Change affects people differently and their ability to transition to a new normal is greatly affected by how supported they feel from their leader.

Everyone responds differently to change and our responses are personal and unique. As a leader, you have a great opportunity to positively influence how people cope and respond to change.

Change Leadership is the focus on how your people transition from an old process to a new one. Leading through Change is action-based.

What you say is important but the time you invest in your people understanding the impacts on them is pivotal in you successfully leading in times of change.  Let’s look at how you lead people through change.

We focus on 2 areas:

  1. Transitions with BIll Bridges’ model
  2. 3 core skills

Built for online

While this Leadership Fundamentals Training course has traditionally been delivered on-site/in-person, with the arrival of COVID we’ve now adapted this course to be delivered online via ZOOM teleconferencing.

Delivered over six weeks, the sessions are split into two weekly two-hour sessions (one on Tuesday and one on Friday) so you’ll still have plenty of time to attend to normal duties while developing your new-found leadership superpowers.

If you’d rather have the course delivered in-person on your premises please refer to our private training options >

Australia leadership training workshop

About your facilitator

Saul Wajntraub is the leadership coach and facilitator who can support the improvement of your team’s performance.

Saul has positively changed the performance of leaders at all levels from Frontline to General Manager, from Blue Collar to Corporate, from New Leader to Experienced Professional. Saul gets results due to his:

  • 10 years experience in leadership coaching and design.
  • Proven Capability in designing and delivering leadership programs at the frontline and middle leader level for Australia’s biggest companies; Australia Post, Telstra and Yellow/White Pages.
  • Also designed and delivered program for smaller companies and teams: Salmat, Securepay, Expedia, Transurban, Medibank, ARQ and WME.
  • 20 years of experience in people leadership at various levels.
  • Highly practical, use theory to build programs based on activity and practice.
  • Ability to quickly understand your business and tailor solution design to suit.
Saul Wajntraub leadership fundamentals course trainer

Watch the video

Learn more about the course and meet Saul in this short course overview.


Jim Morris Testimonial for the Leadership Fundamentals course

“Saul’s valuable coaching and advice was instrumental in helping me to navigate a period of change in my sales team and rebuild a stronger, more cohesive team.

As a leader, it’s often that your skill-set is built from the many trials and tribulations that you’ve had over your career and often your coaching sessions with your direct manager are quite tactical in nature. Our job is to coach and support our direct reports whilst we may not affording ourselves that opportunity against the daily hustle.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Saul and to Webcentral Group for investing in its leaders by utilising Saul’s talents. Saul ultimately provided me the space to improve my effectiveness as a leader and a sales coach. It begs the question ‘why haven’t I done this sooner and why isn’t this the norm in some businesses?’.

Either way, if you are looking to drive performance, culture and help your leaders become more effective – Saul Wajntraub will help you achieve that. I wholeheartedly recommend him.” Jim Morris, Sales Leader (Inside Sales and Offline Sales), Webcentral Group

Natalia Pereira testimonial for Saul Wajntraub

“Almost 2 years ago, our boss decided to take a young group of leaders down our very own leadership journey, and he had Saul come and take that journey with us. Saul worked with our Customer Success team and more closely with us leaders, and what a journey it’s been…

I have Saul to thank for how I have developed and grown as not just a leader, but as a person also, both in my professional and personal life. Saul and his many years of knowledge and sound people skills taught me to ask, not tell, many, many times. His coaching and mentoring allowed me to lead a high performing team that also became so connected with each-other, and the biggest connection happened during Covid- the toughest year in anyone’s career.

I became a much wiser leader and a leader who learnt how to build the best team culture I’ve ever had, all the while driving key results and targets within the team, each month. I developed structure in my leadership but still stayed so human and relatable to my team- all thanks to Saul.

He’s a mentor and a friend and he’s being the biggest asset to our team and the success in our results.” Natalia Pereira, Creative Design and Digitial Delivery Director at WMA Australia.

Private and Public Options

This course is available publicly (with others) or privately (just for your business).

Private Courses

Whilst the public courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training exclusively for your team to take them all on a leadership journey together.

Our private courses also enable you to choose the dates and times of the workshops to suit your business.

Learn more about our private course options >

Public Courses

The Leadership Fundamentals course is delivered as 6 weeks of 2 x two-hour sessions (so a total of 24 hours of live training) via ZOOM and is open to the general public. This is perfect for small numbers of employees attending and the added benefit of meeting and learning from others in the industry (also a great way to help build the network for new starters in the industry).

The times and dates are fixed to enable you to plan ahead around rosters, diaries etc – If you would like to have more flexibility on the dates, times and content refer to our private options.

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Upcoming Public Courses for the Leadership Fundamentals course

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