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B2B Outbound sales scare salespeople and customers alike – mainly because it’s been done so badly by so many for so long.  In fact, some people will try to convince themselves and anyone who’ll listen that outbound selling is a waste of time, that it’s obsolete.  They really want marketing to do all the heavy lifting in order to drive inbound opportunities.

But that’s just because they don’t know how.

B2B Outbound sales is still a successful business strategy when used well.  And given the crazy uncertain business environment we’re in for a while yet, the more tools we have available to use to reach and convert business, the better.  The truth is that 2020 saw the world change and with it, many of our traditional approaches.  When it came to lockdowns and restrictions with more businesses opting to have their people work from home, it changed our ways of working.

As many organisations grapple with changed customer behaviour, they need to have a number of approaches to reach their customers in a way that works for both parties.  When face to face meetings are still tricky ground to navigate, B2B outbound sales teams are emerging as a new normal.

Online B2B sales training course for outbound

In this program, we’ll explore the following:

  1. What B2B outbound sales is and isn’t
  2. How to do B2B outbound selling well: techniques and approaches
  3. Supporting B2B outbound selling with tools and software
  4. Strategies to increase sales using B2B outbound selling

Shifting your mindset and approach to outbound selling ensures your team looks forward to making calls and uses every call to ignite better customer relationships and improve opportunities to improve results across Sales Conversion, Net Promoter Score, Call Quality and Employee Engagement.

Who should do this course?

Outbound sales online training course

In short, the B2B Outbound Sales training course is designed for anyone who wants to improve sales experience.

In a world of smart technology, our greatest competitive advantage will be how well our people engage, connect, question, influence, deliver, exceed expectations, and lead others.

This course will empower your team with the tools, skills, processes and new behaviours that work.

Typical roles this course would be suitable for:

  • Contact centre agents employed to generate sales in a B2B outbound role.
  • Telephone Account managers
  • Field based sales reps, account managers etc who need to transition to phone-based selling.

Ingrid Maynard – The Sales Doctor!

In this B2B Outbound sales training course you’ll learn directly from Ingrid Maynard, The Sales Doctor!

For more than 20 years Ingrid has worked with small businesses through to organisations such as The Body Shop, Officeworks, SAI Global, Foxtel, Swinburne University, Deakin University, and industries including Automotive, Engineering, Construction, Wholesale Distribution, Finance and Advertising to transform their sales leaders, salespeople and processes.

Because Ingrid’s mission is to make selling easier, fun and a metaphor for success, her clients find their top and bottom lines improving at a rate they’d never before thought possible.

Ingrid Maynard Outbound Sales training Course

B2B Outbound Sales Training Course Modules

The B2B Outbound Sales training course is delivered over 4 x 2-hour sessions (one session per week) with an overview of the different modules below.

Module 1. What B2B outbound sales is and isn’t 

There are a number of unknown unknowns in our economy and in our customer markets as part of the lasting legacy of lockdowns and restriction following COVID-19.

Face to face opportunities for salespeople to meet with customers has been limited, and in response, organisations rediscovered inside phone sales teams as a way to proactively identify, grow, nurture and retain customers.

Very different to unsolicited cold calling, B2B outbound selling is a very real alternative that works in this new world because it reaches customers where they are, and still facilitates a personal one to one level of engagement

Great outbound salespeople share some characteristics: they’re excellent at setting up calls well, at asking better questions, they’re great listeners and understand that similar to face to face selling, closing a sale may take a few conversations.

For those in outbound teams where the transaction is more immediate, they understand how to influence with impact quickly to lead the customer to the right outcome for them and for the organisation.

Module 2. How to do outbound B2B selling well: techniques and approaches

Starting with the end in mind is important so that you maximise every conversation.  Regardless of the sales cycle, you must be clear about the outcome you want by the end of the call, and put together a structure that will support that.

Understanding the fundamentals of connecting quickly and establishing trust on the phone holds any outbound seller in good stead.  Like other skills, these can be learnt but being able to dial up our sensory acuity on non-verbals on the phone as well as language patterns enable amateurs to go pro.

Once you’re on the same page as your customer, how do you achieve your intended call outcome?  Explore the role of language structures, writing your own scripts, questions and listening to make your customers feel listened to, heard and understood.

Module 3. Supporting outbound selling with tools and software

From preparation to execution, there are tools and software that can make life a lot easier.  This module isn’t about specific software; moreover, it’s about types of software that support this space, using it to give you better outcomes and types of tools to develop or source in support of your work.

This module is about efficiency as much as it is about effectiveness.

Module 4. Strategies to increase sales using outbound B2B selling

Some sales are immediate, others take time – especially in the B2B space.  This is why it matters to work on your technique and taking time to plan your activity, your accounts and your conversations.

In this module, we’ll explore how not to leave opportunity on the table, how to reduce sales cycles and how to turn more conversations into customers.

Gavin Chater testimonial for Ingrid Maynard

“We are growing in a challenging market and through the work we have been doing with Ingrid we have strengthened our focus on building long-term relationships with our business customers. This has been a significant factor in building mutually successful relationships with our customers. We have seen new customer acquisition time frames reduced, conversion rates improved and individual YOY sales performance significantly improved.”

“I would recommend any business who is looking to transform their sales team to connect with Ingrid”

Gavin Chater | National Sales Manager, Officeworks

Zoom Zoom!

With COVID making travelling difficult for the foreseeable future, all of our courses have now been transitioned to online.

The added benefit is that has now removed the physical barrier to course attendance and we’ve been thrilled to welcome students from all across the world to our recent courses and with the Australian Time Zone (AEDT/AEST), the course is suitable for a range of different countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, PNG, China and so on.

With just two hours per week, this course is paced to ensure learnings can be easily digested and practised in between modules.

The courses are conducted via ZOOM with the course link provided after the bookings are confirmed.

online sales outbound course

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Private & Public options

Our Outbound B2B Sales course is available publicly (anyone can attend) and privately (just for your organisation):

Public courses are great for small numbers with the added value of learning from and meeting others on a similar journey.

Times and dates are fixed enabling you to plan ahead and free up some time in the diary!

Search below for upcoming publicly available B2B Outbound Sales Courses.

Private courses can be a cost-effective method for training larger numbers and a great tool for driving organisational-wide sales transformational change.

You can also have more flexibility with dates and times to suit your organisation and role-plays etc can be adjusted specifically to your business.

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If you purchase 3 or more tickets in the same transaction you will save 15%! if you are considering training an entire team talk to us about our private training options that can be more cost-effective for larger groups and you can have more flexibility with the dates and times.

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Payment Options

Tickets can be purchased instantly via credit card on the course pages (select the dates at the bottom of this page) and you can also request an invoice (the invoice must be paid in full prior to the course commencing).

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