Ingrid Maynard

The Sales Doctor – Sales training that delivers results!

For more than 20 years Ingrid has worked with organisations such as The Body Shop, Officeworks, SAI Global, Foxtel, Swinburne University, Deakin University, and industries including Automotive, Engineering, Construction, Wholesale Distribution, Finance and Advertising to transform their sales leaders, salespeople and processes.

Because Ingrid’s mission is to make selling easier, fun and a metaphor for success, her clients find their top and bottom lines improving at a rate they’d never before thought possible.

Ingrid is an energetic Sales and CX powerhouse that is passionate about supporting high performance and human connection.

Shifting the Needle Permanently

Ingrid’s approach is not a cookie-cutter, 7 steps to the sale, off-the-shelf one size fits all approach… You can’t simply wind up salespeople like dolls and let them go and expect success.

In a world of smart technology, our greatest competitive advantage will be how well our people engage, connect, question, influence, deliver, exceed expectations, and lead others.

Customers crave human connection.

Raise the stakes. Make the way your team engages with customers your best attraction, conversion and retention strategy yet.

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Make your team fall in love with selling as Ingrid Maynard shares her passionate, practical and inspiring insights into why sales has become a dirty word and her vision to change that.

How it all began

Ingrid’s corporate life began with The Body Shop Australia and Body Shop International in sales training and market development. Not long after, she founded and ran companies which provided outsourced prospecting solutions and face to face sales solutions for Australian and International clients.

The finely tuned and proven sales systems teach her students to incorporate the tricks, tips, skills and mindsets required to connect with executive-level decision-makers across Australian, Asia Pacific, UK and US-based organisations.

They are just as relevant for large and mid-tiered organisations as they are for small businesses.

And it all starts with your “WHY”…… ‘Without the “why”, the “what” doesn’t matter’. It’s just as true in business as it is with life in general.

Ingrid Maynard The Sales Doctor

When Ingrid is not working… 

Ingrid is a dedicated meditator, loves running, cycling and hiking.

Her favourite places are beaches and National Parks where she can be found with her husband, taking in the air and sounds…

A news nerd, Ingrid enjoys a broad range of perspectives and is an avid reader and podcast listener.

She’s also a true-crime nerd…so basically a nerd.

But with a massive love for people starting with her family.

Her son is the lead singer of band: INSTYNKT and she met the man who became her husband when he moved in next door all those years ago.

Friday is her favourite day of the week and Xmas is her favourite time of the year.

Ingrid Maynard wedding photo
Ingrid Maynard on her wedding day with her two sons.

Ingrid Maynard Testimonials

Ingrid has worked extensively with small businesses through to large corporates but one thing that never changes is her passion for sales and helping people. Here is just a short sample of her many testimonials.

Gavin Chater testimonial for Ingrid Maynard

I would recommend any business who is looking to transform their sales team to contact Ingrid.

– Gavin Chater, National Sales Manager, Officeworks

Andrew Lane testimonials for Ingrid Maynard

Ingrid delivered her program excellently and feedback from every person involved was first class.

Andrew LaneBusiness Owner, Digitalane Consulting 

Gary Buchanan testimonial for Ingrid

Ingrid’s persona and facilitation approach were very effective and we are seeing the positive results!

Gary Buchanan, GM Service – MaxiTRANS

Private and Public Training Course Options

Many of Ingrid’s courses are conducted publicly enabling you to send as few as one person or multiple with a list of all of Ingrid’s upcoming public courses listed below when available.

Ingrid is also available to conduct private training courses (either in person or remotely) which enables more flexibility with the course delivery and the ability to customise content to align specifically to your business and for larger groups it can also be more cost-effective.

If you’re looking to empower your team with skills to supercharge your sales then don’t hesitate to engage Ingrid Maynard today!

Ingrid Maynard corporate sales training courses

If you’d like to learn more about Ingrid’s training courses that can drive sales in your business please contact us on +61 3 9008 7287 between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST/AEDT Monday to Friday or send us a message anytime >

Stay tuned for Ingrid’s 2022 public courses schedule – coming soon!