Nant Nissen

Workplace Health & Wellness Expert

New for 2022!

With nearly 3 decades of experience in the Health and Fitness industry, Nant Nissen has been privileged to help thousands of people to change their life by changing their health.

Whether that be helping people with chronic back pain, autoimmune conditions, digestive health, changing body shape, emotional eating and understanding their body or working with athletes and sporting teams, Nant has been involved with every area of the health and fitness industry.

Nant’s experience also includes lecturing to students in the health and fitness industry, owning her own health and fitness gymnasium and working in allied health with a number of health experts in different fields.

One of Nant’s greatest passions is creating environments in which people can excel in the workplace. Having previously spent 4 years working in recruitment in the corporate arena, Nant has a unique understanding of what is needed in the workplace to ensure that all areas of health are at an optimal level.

Impacting people and the environment in which they work and spend a majority of their time is paramount to the success of both the business and team.

Nant Nissen Corporate Health and Wellness Training Courses

How Nant Nissen is making a difference

Health and Wellness has progressed over the last few decades and we are now acutely aware of how intimately optimal health is connected to not only our success but our ability to thrive instead of just survive, in all areas of life.

We know that having a team who are engaged, happy, creative, focused and energised has a direct impact on productivity, purpose and profit, yet with all of the information available to us, very few actually understand how to apply the strategies and methods needed to achieve this. Very few understand how to create long term sustainable change in all areas of health, both for themselves and for their community. This is one of the many reasons health has been overlooked or treated as an additional extra in many organisations, instead of being placed and used as an integral part of any workplace.

Health is now not only a personal responsibility, but a social and professional responsibility and organisations need to provide an environment in the workplace where the team thrives, not just survives.

Any organisation looking for the competitive advantage understands the most effective way to do this is to help their team to excel and to provide an opportunity for them to enjoy a workplace that provides health and wellness as a key to ensuring the long-lasting success of both the business as a whole and the individual team members.

With impeccable academic qualifications, decades of real-world experience, a proven industry leader and a passion for the industry we are very excited to welcome Nant as a CX Skills training partner to run a series of Workplace Wellness programs.

You’ll find a list of Nant’s upcoming public courses below or contact us to discuss private/customised training courses for your team(s).  Phone +61 3 9008 7287 between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEST/AEDT Monday to Friday or send us a message anytime >