OCX Cognition

Net Promoter Experts

We are thrilled to welcome the team at OCX Cognition to CX Skills as our training partner to deliver Net Promoter Score (NPS) training.

NPS has been used as a key program in driving business improvement based on listening to customers with thousands of proven success stories both here in Australia and overseas.

But NPS is a lot more than just a number. Learning how to implement NPS into your business successfully requires a range of different skills and tools.

Founder of OCX Cognition, Richard Owen and his team developed the Net Promoter Score in a joint project with Bain & Company so it’s fair to say there is no one more qualified to provide training and certification into Net Promoter best-practice!

OCX Cognition partnership with CX Skills Australia

About the OCX Cognition Net Promoter Masterclasses

Richard Owen has over 15 years of hands-on involvement in more than 1,000 enterprise NPS programs.  While CEO at Satmetrix, Richard led the development of the Net Promoter Score® methodology with Fred Reichheld, creating the world’s most widely used CX measurement approach.

Richard and his team have developed a definitive understanding of what NPS was, is, and should be and he’s certified over 6,000 professionals globally in NPS.

Our partnership with OCX Cognition enables us to bring the same global best-practice training to participants in the Asia Pacific region through both a self-paced online course and an instructor-led program with the team from OCX Cognition facilitating five live sessions in conjunction with the self-paced course.

Available Courses by OCX Cognition