Contact Centre Team Leader Training Courses

The Contact Centre Team Leader role is consistently is regarded as one of the toughest in the contact centre.

The modern contact centres expect a lot from their Team Leaders and it’s arguably the one role that will have the biggest influence on your call centre’s culture and performance.

And whilst the expected functions of a Team Leader can differ between organisations, coaching, performance reviews, escalations, team meetings, reward and recognition, rostering, sick leave management and more can all form part of their duties just to name a few.

Consequences of a poor performing Team Leader

We said earlier its one of the most important jobs in the contact centre and this can’t be overstated.

As the contact centre Team Leader is directly responsible for a number of employees (around 15 is normal) if they are disengaged or lack the right skills you run the risk of having 15 employees that are also disengaged.

And you know what that means – reduced performance, increased sick leave, increased turnover and a declining customer experience.

contact centre Team Leader training courses

Equipping your Team Leaders for success

Effective contact centre Team Leaders need to have a number of skills to be successful in the role:

  • Understanding how call centres operate and what are the levers required to drive performance.
  • How to provide effective coaching and provide constructive feedback.
  • How to manage poor performance.
  • How to effectively lead a team.

Based on decades of contact centre specific experience, we’ve developed custom designed Team Leader training courses to provide them with the tools, skills and experience to succeed.  These include:

Operational & Technical Skills – Education on how contact centres work, common KPI’s, industry jargon, things to look out for, common traps etc.
Leadership Skills – arming the course participants with the skills and knowledge to provide leadership, coaching and performance feedback skills in a contact centre environment.
Self Development – Teaching skills on how to ensure course participants get the best out of themselves so they are in the best position to help others.

Upcoming Team Leader Training courses:

With COVID-19 we have suspended all our public training courses until it is safe to resume. Learn more about our online training courses or we can customise a training course to deliver in-house/on-premise for you.