High-Performance Team Training Courses

High performing teams consist of focussed, skilled and aligned employees who achieve greatness beyond the sum of their parts and there is a reason all businesses want them.

They work.

High-performing teams have more engaged employees who are aligned on achieving the same goal(s) delivering both individual and business benefits that would otherwise not be achievable if everyone worked as individuals.

Whilst high-performance teams have often been associated with sport, the reality is that smart businesses have realised that the same benefits can be achieved in a business setting to deliver exceptional results.

high performing teams training in Australia

Characteristics of High-Performing Teams

Like most popular terms, processes and practices in businesses there are a range of different opinions and practices that have evolved. However, there is some consensus on the characteristics of successful team attributes including (in no particular order):

  • Trust
  • Confrontation & Communication
  • Individual Buy-in and commitment
  • Accountability
  • Consideration of others
  • Organisation
  • Focus
  • Diversity
  • Fun
high performing teams characteristics

Benefits of High-Performing Teams

There are a plethora of benefits for having a high performing team in your workplace including:

Team Benefits

  • Better communication
  • Equal stakes in the outcome
  • Increased trust
  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased engagement

Organisational Benefits

  • Motivated employees
  • Knowledge and independence
  • More delegation
  • Greater flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Better client service

How to build a high-performing team

There are a number of ingredients required in developing a high-performance team and we have a range of established courses and/or individual modules that can help with either transitioning your existing workforce into a high-performing team.

So whether it’s a fixed program (where the modules are already fixed) or you’d like to mix and match the modules to customise a training course specifically for you we are here to help!

Common high-performance/leadership modules include:

  • Understanding what you are leading towards (the starting point for all Leaders)
  • Having a clear picture of what leadership success looks like. Includes self-assessment.
  • Assessing and designing the culture you need in order to be successful.
  • Setting standards, mutual and individual accountability.
  • Having difficult conversations – liked vs respect.
  • Responsibilities of a leader – to self and team.
  • Managing change and controlling what you can control.
  • The difference between Performance and Outcomes.
  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Motivating others – 3C’s Confidence, Control, Connectedness.
  • Coaching for performance and being ready to perform – personal improvement plans.
  • GROW model – coaching methodology.
  • Assessing capability.
  • Task assignment and delegation.
  • Situational leadership.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Building rapport and trust.
  • Listening skills.
  • Resilience for leaders, leading through difficult times.

Private and Public Courses

Because every workplace is different we offer both public and private courses with the difference explained below. 

Public Courses

Our publicly available courses enable you to enrol as few as one employee making them a cost-effective way of upskilling yourself with the leading practices for building high-performance teams.

The public courses can also be a great way to interact and learn from others in either the same or different industries.

Each course has fixed modules, times and dates making it easy to plan ahead around shifts, holidays, induction periods etc.

When available, you’ll find a list of all our upcoming public courses at the bottom of this page.

Private Courses

Whilst the public training courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of having the trainer just focus on you and your team to customise the training to suit your exact needs.

Our private courses can be delivered in-house or online with dates and times to suit you and are often a powerful way to ensure everyone in your business is ‘on the same page’ with the journey to high-performance.

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Upcoming Publicly Available High Performance Team Training Courses

We have a selection of public courses listed below (meaning anyone can book and attend) however this training is often conducted privately to enable us to customise a program to suit your needs and take your whole team on the same journey so talk to us about our private training options if this sounds more like what you need.

We currently don’t have any public courses scheduled contact us for private training courses.