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Managing Difficult Customers Training Courses (for frontline staff)

Encountering difficult situations is an intrinsic part of dealing with Customers & Clients – whether internal or external.

It takes a lot of confidence and skill to effectively manage angry or upset customers.

We even need to consider our internal viewpoint and belief systems to ensure we can manage the situation well without taking things too personally or slip into chastising or blaming the customer.

This Managing Difficult Customers Training Course teaches delivered by global CX trainer Daniel Ord teaches how to identify different types of difficult customers and different types of difficult situations and use root cause analysis to apply the correct solution with confidence.

From learning how to negotiate, through to learning how to say no effectively and with professionalism, the Managing Difficult Customers Training Course is the ideal program to help your team members handle difficult situations with grace and style

As with all our courses, this course involves significant workshop exercises, quizzes and lots of role-plays to make the course enjoyable and bring the learnings to life.

This is one of our most popular courses and it’s run both publically (great for smaller numbers) and privately if you need to train large groups or your entire workforce.

Managing Difficult Customers online Training Course

Managing Difficult Customers Training Course Highlights 

  • 2 x 4-Hour modules delivered via Zoom
  • Learn skills & methodologies that can be applied across any industry.
  • Suitable for anyone who deals with customers at any level
  • All delivered live & online by the world’s top contact centre & CX trainer Daniel Ord!

Built for online training!

Whilst we have delivered this course face to face in a classroom setting (in a pre-COVID world!) for decades, we have now adapted this course to be delivered online using Zoom teleconferencing.

Our Managing Difficult Customers Training Course teaches students how to identify and manage difficult customers with confidence.

This isn’t just boring textbook and video training – this course is delivered over 2 x 4-hour sessions with a total of 8 hours of facilitated live training by world-renowned customer experience trainer Daniel Ord.

Customer Complaints training course Australia

Who should do this course?

How to manage difficult customers training

The Managing Difficult Customers training course is designed to equip students with complaint handling skills to manage any difficult situation when dealing with customers regardless of the industries, products or services.

The course is suitable for anyone who deals with customers with typical roles including:

  • Call centre agents (sales or service)
  • Customer service staff
  • Retail/counter staff
  • Telephone account management
  • Complaints teams
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers

As this course is specifically focussed on dealing with difficult customers, if you need to learn more generic customer service skills, check out our customer service training programs >

Four Powerful Modules

Module 1. Considering Human Behaviour

  • Using Transactional Analysis to understand Customer behaviour
  • Using Transactional Analysis to understand our own behaviour
  • The issue of changing someone else’s character
  • The issue of ‘satisfying’ an Unhappy Customer

Module 2. Classifying the Classic Types of Difficult Situations

The differences and how to handle between

  • The Abusive Customer
  • The Irritating Customer
  • The Unhappy Customer

Module 3. Service Skills Requirements 

The Classic use of Listening:

  • Deciding whether to use Empathy or Affirmation
  • What are the 5 levels of Empathy?
  • What you must do when interacting with someone who is upset

Module 4. Understanding your solution options

  • How to Say Yes
    • The role of the Extra Mile
  • How to say NO
    • Understanding the 2 situations where you must say NO
    • The difference between the COLD NO and the UNER(R) NO
    • How to apply the UNER(R) model to provide an Adult NO
    • Does Acceptance = Happiness?  The role of Customer Satisfaction
  • How to explain WHY
    • Having to explain why or why not
    • How to apply the UER(R) model when you need to explain why or why not
  • How to provide a Conditional or Creative YES
    • How to use the Sandwich Technique
  • How and When to Escalate
    • Valid vs. Invalid Escalations
    • The verbal techniques to use when trying to maintain control
    • What your boss sometimes must say or do
    • Defining what it means to say ‘case closed’

Have you learnt the customer service fundamentals skills?

Whilst this course can be completed as a stand-alone module, it is the perfect addition to our Customer Service Excellence training course – 16 hours of live facilitated training equipping you with the fundamental skills required to provide outstanding customer service.

About Your Trainer

Your trainer for the Managing Difficult Customers course is Daniel Ord from OmniTouch International  the leading contact centre trainer in the world with his courses regularly selling out across the globe.

Daniel has trained over 50,000 participants across over 40 countries and is regularly featured in leading contact centre publications and he has been a regular visitor to Australia for over 20 years.

Participants consistently rank Daniel as the best trainer they’ve had with incredible subject matter expertise, excellent storytelling with real-world examples and of course, a great sense of humour so you’ll have some fun while you learn!

Credentials-wise, Dan is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) Certified Associate, a Call Centre Industry Advisory Council Training Partner (CIAC), Net Promoter Certified and the first to bring professional management level Contact Centre certification to Asia back in the early 00s.

Like to learn more about Daniel? Read some of Daniel’s articles on CX Central, listen to some Podcasts on the CX Hustle or view Daniel’s profile on LinkedIn.

Training to manage difficult customers by Daniel Ord


“This course was really engaging and very well organised. Daniel was amazing, and I didn’t ‘zone out’ once, a sign of an excellent trainer. Really enjoyed the course and learnt lots, particularly liked the examples of situations where certain vocabulary is acceptable. Made the course sink in.”

“I just wanted to email you in thanks as I have found your recent training session very helpful! I have been able to use UNER(R) very effectively, where previously I had problems sayingno’, generally going into far too much detail on my explanation.  This has helped stop at least two complaints and I‘ve also been using the Human Touch in more of my emails 😀 .        

Hi Daniel, just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant workshop. Was lovely to meet you and it’s always a pleasure to learn new techniques, perspectives and ways of working.”

“It was a really fun and exciting training course and I will be able to apply all these methods now and in my future career.  Loved the tips on how to deal with the especially fussy guests!”.

“Very good and interactive – fun but full of knowledge.”

“The training was really fun but more importantly I learned a lot of techniques that I’ve been able to use on lots of my calls which has made my job a lot easier – thanks!”

About CX Skills

CX Skills is a specialist training business that only delivers customer experience and customer service related courses facilitated exclusively by industry professionals. Our main website, CX Central is Australia’s most trusted website for contact centre and CX professionals in Australia and we also manage the popular Call Centre Legends Facebook page followed by over 30,000 call centre employees.

As well as training solutions, we also provide CX & Contact Centre consulting services using the same practices, processes and methodologies that we use in our training courses so you can rest assured you’ll be learning best-practice skills that work in the real world.

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How and when it’s delivered

The Managing Difficult Customers course is delivered via Zoom Teleconferencing and users will be sent any required materials prior to the course commencing. We offer this course both publicly and privately with the differences outlined below:

Public Courses

The Managing Difficult Customers training course is delivered as 2 x four-hour modules in consecutive days.

The times and dates are fixed to enable you to plan ahead around rosters, induction dates etc. Being public, it’s a great opportunity to hear and learn from others in the course and you can send as little as one person making it a cost-effective method of training small numbers of people.

If you would like to have more flexibility on the dates, times and content or have larger groups that need training refer to our private training options.

Private Courses

Whilst the public courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training larger groups of agents exclusively just for your business.

Our private courses can deliver the same course with dates and times to suit you and we can also include custom-built role plays, simulations and call examples based on your business rather than generic ones we use in our public courses.

Learn more about our private course options >

Pricing and Payment Options

The Managing Difficult Customers Training course is just $397 per person ex GST for 8 hours of facilitated learning (2 x 4-hour sessions) delivered by global expert Daniel Ord.

Want to register more than 3 staff? Save 15% when booking in the same transaction (note: the discount will be applied on the final checkout page).

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