Workforce Optimisation Training Courses

Workforce Optimisation training courses are primarily designed to help you improve efficiencies in your workforce by designing rosters and workflows that align to the peak periods of customer demand.

An effective Workforce Optimisation strategy (aka Workforce Management) can deliver a range of benefits including:

  • Cost reduction (reducing or eliminating wastage of resources that are rostered on when there is insufficient demand).
  • Improving the customer experience (better roster design can improve wait times, reduce abandoned calls etc).
  • Improve the employee experience (flexible rosters, ensuring there are sufficient resources so employees don't feel overwhelmed etc)
  • Modelling & forecasting (enabling you to predict future requirements and model different scenarios that can assist with business cases, process optimisation and so on).

Whilst there are many environments that Workforce Optimisation can be applied to, the CX Skills courses focus primarily on Contact Centres, the Back Office and Retail.  You can learn more about each of the courses by clicking the buttons below or scrolling to the bottom to see all upcoming courses.

WFM Training courses for contact centres

Available WFM Courses

In partnership with the Australian WFM experts, CallDesign, we offer four different courses that you can learn more about by clicking on the boxes below.

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