Become an Amazing Call Centre Team Leaders training course

Become an Amazing Call Centre Team Leader who CONSISTENTLY reaches their team goals every month!

$1,197 AUD per person

New course for 2022!

The Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader course provides everything existing Team Leaders (or those that want to become one) need to Level Up their skill set with all the training, tools and resources needed to effectively lead teams that consistently hit their targets and KPIs.

This course will help you get the skills and resources bosses are looking for in their Team Leaders to turn underperforming team members into top achievers fast!

Ask yourself this:

  • Were you placed/promoted into a Team Leader role and never provided with the skills you need to succeed?
  • Are you stressed because your Team DOESN’T regularly achieve its Targets and KPIs?
  • Are you worried about losing your job because you weren’t given the initial training and aren’t getting the ongoing support you need?
  • Wish you had the practical skills and resources needed (that bosses are looking for) to be an amazing Team Leader whose team hits its goals and KPIs every month?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions this course is for you!

How to become an amazing contact centre team leader

Designed for Team Leaders who want to sharpen their skills to Level Up or people who want to step up to become a Team Leader, this Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader course will equip you with the skills and tools you need to effectively manage teams to regularly reach (or even exceed) monthly targets.

With these new skills and tools, you’ll be able to easily turn underperformers into top achievers fast!

Delivered over three weeks with 3 x 2.5-hour workshops each week (so a total of 7.5 hours of live training), the workshops and easy-to-customise tools and resources show you how to become an amazing Team Leader who coaches, nurtures and leads winning teams that regularly hit their targets and KPIs.

Become an amazing call centre team leader course modules

This Becoming an Amazing Call Centre Team Leader includes the following 8 modules:

  • Preparing Your Framework For Success
  • Key Traits, Characteristics and Practices of Amazing Team Leaders
  • Effective Time Management
  • Coachable Call Structures
  • Call Monitoring and Scoring
  • Providing Effective Feedback
  • Team Member Skills Audits
  • Team Member Coaching Plans
Skills to be an amazing call centre team leader

Who should do this course?

This Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader course with its 14 easy-to-customise tools, resources and templates provides the perfect platform for existing Team Leaders (or people who want to be one) that want to protect their job or increase their chances for promotion.

The opportunity to acquire the practical skills and resources bosses are looking for in their Team Leaders is extremely valuable and will change the performance of your team by finally equipping you with the skills and tools needed to effectively turn underperformers into high achievers fast!

It is especially suited for:

  • New Team Leaders who want to hit the ground running.
  • Long term Team Leaders ready for a reset or to gain some additional skills to take their team to the next level.
  • People who want to clearly understand their role and get the practical skills and resources needed to lead their team to CONSISTENTLY achieve (or even exceed) its monthly targets.

Looking for other options?

If you are a manager looking to improve your Team Leader’s skills and capabilities check out Marc’s other course – How to Create Amazing Call Centre Team Leaders.

We also have a range of other courses for Contact Centre Team Leaders and Contact Centre Managers.

7.5 Hours of Live, Facilitated Learning delivered via 3 x 2.5-Hour sessions:

We have built this Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader training course to enable participants with the time to learn and apply their new-found skills in-between sessions, so the program is delivered over 3 weeks with a 2.5-hour workshop each Tuesday afternoon.

Each 2.5-hour workshop includes time to learn the skills and resources and all workshops are delivered live by Australia’s leading Team Leader Coach and Mentor, Marc Carriere.

MODULE 1: Preparing Your Framework for Success

Lessons and resources that bring clarity and a deep understanding of your purpose and the reasons why you and your team members want to achieve continued and sustained success.

MODULE 2: Amazing Team Leaders Traits

Lessons and resources to identify the key traits, characteristics and practices of amazing Team Leaders to help you indentify the soft skills you need to work on to more clearly understand your role and responsibilities.

MODULE 3: Effective Time Management

Lessons and tools that provide the structure and accountability to ensure you are spending the time needed each day to effectively manage and lead your team – especially underperformers!

MODULE 4: Coachable Call Structures

Lessons and tools for creating easy to follow Call Structures (with the right steps and proper sequence) to follow that are easy for Team Leaders to coach team members on to increase their success.

MODULE 5: Call Monitoring and Scoring

Easily and effectively monitor and score team members’ calls with an easy-to-customize Scoring Tool that identifies areas to praise and deficiencies that need to be corrected with further individual training.

MODULE 6: Providing Effective Feedback

Lessons and resources for effectively providing corrective and nurturing feedback that identify positive aspects of calls to praise and deficiencies Team Leaders can work on with team members.

MODULE 7: Skills Audits

Lessons and Templates for conducting Team Member Skills Audits to identify those areas Team Leaders need to focus on to get the most out of their team.

MODULE 8: Coaching Plans

Lessons and templates for developing Team Member Coaching Plans outlining coaching roadmaps for areas of improvement, who delivers coaching and when it’s delivered.


In addition to the 7.5 hours of live facilitated training sessions for the modules above, by purchasing this course you also receive these incredible benefits:


Unlimited access to all the Modules, Lessons and Resources for becoming an amazing Team Leader for 6 months that allows you to review all the sessions we’ll conduct together to reference whenever you want to review any aspect of the program.


Easily customized Resources, Tools and Templates for Team Leaders to use to lead their teams to regularly achieve (or even exceed) their monthly Targets and KPIs including the 7 Pillars For Becoming An Amazing Team Leader Workbook.


Bonus Micro Training videos covering topics such as: 3 Traits You Must Find When Hiring Team Leaders, 15 Essential Habits of Amazing Team Leaders, How Managers and Team Leaders Can Improve Feedback Practices AND MANY MORE!

What you’ll learn

By completing the Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader training course you will learn practical, proven and easy-to-implement skills (developed in the trenches – Not Theory or PowerPoint ‘Fluff’) and get 14 easy-to-use and customise Resources and Tools to help you become a truly amazing Team Leader with:

  • a very clear understanding of your role and the practical skills (and confidence) needed to lead teams to consistently achieve Targets and KPIs
  • the practical skills needed to lead their teams to consistently achieve their Targets and KPIs, and
  • the ability reduce the time it takes team members to become more productive to lower costs and increase profitability

You’ll Impress your managers with the new skills and resources you’ve acquired that reduce the time it takes you to make your team members more productive.

After completing this course, you’ll finally be able to say Goodbye to the stress and frustration of missing team’s goals and targets, keep your job safe and increase your chances for promotion!

Become an amazing call centre team leader course

Built for Online

While this Becoming an Amazing Call Centre Team Leader training course has traditionally been delivered on-site/in-person, with the arrival of COVID we’ve now adapted this course to be delivered online via ZOOM teleconferencing for all our public courses.

Spaced out over three weeks, the 3 x 2.5-hour sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons each week to allow you plenty of time to attend to normal duties while developing your newfound leadership superpowers.

If you’d rather have the course delivered in-person on your premises or would like more flexibility with the dates and times please refer to our private training options >

Online course call centre team leader course by Marc Carriere

About Your Coach and Mentor

Starting in his early 20s as a direct salesperson Marc began specializing in lead generation, telesales and appointment setting. And with the help of mentors and his natural ability, quickly became recognized as a direct marketing and call centre expert.

Over the past 35 years, Marc has provided call centre consulting and training services to a wide variety of B2B and B2C companies in Australia, Canada, Fiji, México, The Bahamas, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

With his worldwide experience managing call centre teams who have won 3 Silver and 3 Gold ‘Ardy’ Awards, mentoring and coaching Call Centre Managers and Team Leaders and having owned a call centre himself, Marc is well aware of the difficulties call centres face in consistently meeting their targets and KPIs.

Course trainer Marc Carriere

Customer Testimonials for Marc Carriere

Marc Carriere is a Call Centre Team Leader specialist with a selection of customer testimonials listed below.

Finally hitting our numbers!

Rated 5 out of 5
15 October 2021
Review of How to CREATE Amazing Call Centre Team Leaders (private course)

Now that our Team Leaders have the skills to lead their teams more effectively, we are hitting our numbers and going from strength to strength.

Avatar for Kevin Sharp
Kevin Sharp
ICE Vacations Asia-Pacific

Results are what counts!

Rated 5 out of 5
2 October 2021
Review of How to CREATE Amazing Call Centre Team Leaders (private course)

Marc’s training is a mix of “foundation” and cutting edge modules allowing any company’s training to be the very best in its field. It’s easy to understand and has a proven track record with actual results. Results are what counts, nothing else.

Avatar for Matthew Saunders
Matthew Saunders
Executive Manager, Sales Strategy
International Cruise & Excursions

Private and Public Options

This Becoming an Amazing Call Centre Call Centre Team Leader course is available publicly (with others) or privately (just for your business) with the differences outlined below.

Public Courses

The Becoming An Amazing Team Leader course is delivered as 4 sessions across three weeks (3 x 2.5-hour sessions each week so a total of 7.5 hours of live training) via ZOOM and is open to the general public. This is perfect for small numbers of Team Leaders attending with the added benefit of meeting, learning and sharing with other Team Leaders in the industry (also a great way to help build your network).

The times and dates are fixed to enable you to plan ahead around your schedule – If you would like to have more flexibility on the dates, times and content refer to our private options.

Private Courses

Whilst the public courses can be a great way to interact with other team leaders and is perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training exclusively for your leadership team to take them all on the journey together.

Our private courses also enable you to choose the dates, times and duration of the workshops to suit your business.

We can also incorporate specific examples, case studies within your business where applicable.

Learn more about our private course options >

About CX Skills

CX Skills is a specialist training business that only delivers contact centre, customer experience, customer service and leadership-related courses facilitated exclusively by industry professionals.  We're an accredited training provider of the Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) and we are committed to helping support our industry to grow and prosper.

We’ve trained thousands of staff across a diverse range of businesses and we’re proud of the amazing customer testimonials we’ve received directly and on Google reviews so you can rest assured your training is in good hands.

CX Skills Australia Training Courses
Great company to work with. Excellent training course with trainers that really bring the content to life!
Joyi Lu
Joyi Lu
05:53 22 Jun 22
Fantastic virtual environment. Daniel who hosted our course was well articulated and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this CX course and feel ready to apply the skills I gained.
07:00 03 Jun 22
I've participated in several courses with CX Skills now, specifically with Daniel Ord as the instructor. Daniel has a wealth of knowledge around customer experience and his history in customer service is top notch. CX Skills has become my go to for my teams customer service and customer experience development.
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson
02:05 16 Feb 22
Training with CX Skills is always engaging and worth every cent. The team are helpful and the lessons are practical and easy to translate into the workplace.
Sheree Laursen
Sheree Laursen
21:15 08 Dec 21
Attended the Introduction to Contact Centre Management course – found it extremely informative and left with a much better understanding of the world I'm about to step into! The course was well structured and Justin was a great teacher. His wealth of knowledge (and passion) absolutely shone through. Am keen to learn more!
Keira Smith
Keira Smith
02:55 29 Nov 21
I did the management of contact centres four day workshop, it was fantastic! The facilitator was really engaging and explained everything from WFM to forecasting in a easy to understand manner. Highly recommend to anyone working in a contact centre environment!
Jamie Leonard
Jamie Leonard
05:13 15 Oct 21
I had a fantastic learning experience with the half day Journey Mapping course. Shane was our trainer and explained things thoroughly, used great practical examples and helped through the exercise when needed. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. The group size was not too big so everyone was able to contribute online. I feel confident to 'give a journey map a go' now, thank you. Helen
GVW Intranet
GVW Intranet
04:48 15 Oct 21
The Introduction to Contact Centre Management is an excellent course for those looking to understand contact centres from a helicopter view and benchmark their operations. From the fundamental pillars to critical KPIs and performance metrics that underpin almost every contact centre globally, Justin is personable and professional and speaks with authority on a topic he knows intimately.
Jim Rodd
Jim Rodd
00:00 14 Sep 21
Justin offers such a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be applied to leaders in any business. Thank you Justin!
Sam Petroulias
Sam Petroulias
04:45 16 Jul 21
We have done a few training courses now through Justin and the CX Group.In these sessions the facilitator has been Dan Ord and Dans knowledge of the Contact Centre world is second to none. This was great for us as we attended as a team to ensure that the training that we received was able to be applied across my entire management team and also allowed me to drive the right outcomes based on Dan, Marcus and Justins advice and guidance.The best thing about this is that this was not one of those courses that you attend and then nothing more is said or done with this. . . Dan/Justin offer their email address so if you come up with additional questions later that you want guidance on you can ask and they are more than willing to assist.Dan, Marcus and Justin thanks for facilitating this training and we will sure be intouch for other training courses that we would like to run through the CX Group.Bec Goss
Rebecca Goss
Rebecca Goss
21:20 26 Apr 21
This course is absolutely fundamental to anyone dealing with customer experience, the customer journey and also customer service departments. The course is packed with real life examples illustrating the 6 pillars of customer experience! Dan shares all his knowledge and expertise freely and with great love and enthusiasm for the subject matter!
Marianne Rutz
Marianne Rutz
11:06 26 Apr 21
The CX Management Fundamentals course was exceptional, a balanced blend of best in-class examples and theory . Daniel was the utmost professional, sharing his wealth of knowledge in customer experience and contact centre management. Content was relevant and covered an array of business examples. A course that exemplifies two-way participation (no death by PowerPoint). The diverse group of attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge, which was priceless. I highly recommend this course for anyone in the customer experience realm, even beginners like me.
Rachael Lowe
Rachael Lowe
22:30 25 Apr 21
I learnt a lot about CX and the course gave me clarity on the 6 main competencies. The training was fun, enjoyable, I can recommend to anyone who is passionate about the "Customer" subject. Daniel is very knowledgeable and experienced, he used real life business examples to understand both the strategic and tactical elements of CX. He also involved us which generated even more credibility.
Eva P
Eva P
16:53 25 Apr 21
I could not recommend this Company highly enough, I have now done two courses with the Fantastic Dan & Marcus and have taken so much away. I want to thank everybody involved with CX Skills.
Rory Lynch
Rory Lynch
04:45 29 Mar 21
Game-changing training and insight. Highly recommend CX Skills training program.
Lee Siefken
Lee Siefken
22:57 15 Mar 21
An absolutely fun and engaging learning session presented by Daniel. Would definitely recommend.
Vanessa Gralton
Vanessa Gralton
22:17 15 Mar 21
Another great course put together by Justin presented by their partners at Omnitouch, Daniel and Marcus.The "How to Design a Quality Assurance Program for Contact Centres" was extremely fitting for our organisation as we transition to a new telephony system.The course was not one of those courses where they give you the answer and a few templates sending you on your way. Daniel and Marcus take you through why an appropriate framework should take into consideration the Organisations, Mission Statement, Values and Customer Service Charter.As the session was run via Zoom, it enabled and encouraged networking opportunities not only across Australia but also with International attendees. This was a fantastic benefit as it allowed us to draw on each others lived experiences.I really encourage you all to check out the courses and information that CX Skills has to offer as they are the best place to not only continue but to also start your learning and development!
Adrian Powell
Adrian Powell
11:34 15 Mar 21
Justin and the team at CX Skills have gone over and above the call of duty to deliver great Customer Service training to our entire Service Centre team. The training has been high quality, delivered remotely, and Justin has been extremely flexible with necessary changes to attendees due to operational requirements. I highly recommend CX Skills to assist with your training needs.
Monica Malgarini
Monica Malgarini
06:29 03 Mar 21
The training provided manages to take complex sales strategies and make them easy to understand and implicate in a sales call. It provides a structure that isn’t stifled by wordy scripts and pitches, and guides consultants towards a successful outcome for both the customer and consultant.This training took efficient, tried and tested sales concepts and expand on them to not only generate higher conversion, but a more positive customer experience.Aside from the training, which was amazing, Simon - the trainer - was a pleasure to work with. He was attentive and showed a real passion and desire to enhance the trainee’s sales expertise.I would recommend CX Group to anyone who will listen!
Chris Remnant
Chris Remnant
03:58 25 Feb 21
A very well structured training course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and a very good presenter.
Elena Prenner
Elena Prenner
22:06 03 Feb 21
I recently attended the Contact Centre Management Fundamentals course and found it extremely useful and relevant. Daniel was extremely knowledgeable on all topics and handled questions with ease. He was a great trainer and i found the session had a great mix to suit all learning styles. I have taken so much from this course, the networking opportunities as well as the CX website and associated resources. I highly recommend attending if you are looking to better understand contact centre management regardless of what level you work at.
Nicole Field
Nicole Field
05:25 02 Feb 21
Thank you team-It has certainly changed the whole perspective on how I used to see and handle the issues not just at the workplace but also in day to day life. Very practical and informative course content delivered in a very professional way. I truely recomend everyone out there to use this platform.
Badri Pokhrel
Badri Pokhrel
05:52 21 Jan 21
Justin created a great call centre fundamentals program for our organisation, based on the skill gaps needed filling. Although it was at the height of the Melbourne lockdown the session was still interactive, interesting and achieved the desired result.
Sarsha S
Sarsha S
23:39 22 Dec 20
Really enjoyed course on handling difficult customers. I came away with a number of tools that I can use not only with customers, but also day to day life.
Justin from CX responded promptly to my training enquiry. He heard what we wanted and we discussed best way to present this during Melbourne Lockdown. He conducted the introduction to contact centre leadership remotely with a small group. He weaved his contact centre experience with humour and activities that were appropriate and engaging. At the end each person agreed that they learnt lots and were going to apply at least one thing back in their role. I would highly recommend CX and Justin for training and support.
Kaylee Gerbes
Kaylee Gerbes
23:43 21 Sep 20

Pricing and Payment Options

The Becoming An Amazing Call Centre Team Leader training course facilitated live by Marc Carriere is just $1,197 plus GST for 7.5 hours of facilitated learning delivered over 3 x 2.5-hour modules.

Payment can be made by credit card or you can request an invoice – just select your preferred option on checkout.

The rate includes:

  • 3 x 2.5-hour live facilitated sessions by Marc Carriere.
  • 6 Months access to the ‘Becoming An Amazing Team Leader online course ($997 USD Value)
  • 14 Resources, Tools and Templates you can download ($1,419 USD Value)
  • 15 Bonus Micro Training videos ($975 USD Value)

 Save 15%  if you purchase 2 or more tickets in the same transaction.

Cost of the Become an Amazing Call Centre Team Leader

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