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The world’s largest and most successful CX-related certification program

By now you’ve probably heard about the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) used by businesses all over the world to drive massive transformation based on customer loyalty. It’s a simple score. A survey question. A metric. It’s the “one number you need to grow.”

If you’ve ever been asked the question “On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to recommend <insert your company name> to a family and friend?’ then you’ve been involved in an NPS survey.

NPS is sold as being easy to use and promises countless riches in transforming businesses and it’s been implemented by thousands of companies globally and hundreds of organisations here in Australia.

Yet with so many companies having adopted NPS, so few have enjoyed the transformative impact that it was expected to deliver because most companies have never completed the appropriate training and aren’t equipped with the right tools to ensure success.

In short, it’s more than a score, it’s a methodology!

So if you’re company is already using an NPS score, or you’re serious about implementing Net Promoter Score methodology successfully into your business you’ve come to the right place.

NPS training course with certification

Experience that matters

This online course is delivered by Richard Owen who literally lead the team that developed the Net Promoter methodology!

Richard’s team developed the Net Promoter Score in a joint project with Bain & Company, but its success as a complete methodology took 10 years of thought leadership.

20 Net Promoter conferences, more than 6,000 participants and hands-on involvement in over 1,000 enterprise programs later enables you to learn a thing or two about success and failure for CX – and all those learnings are in this Masterclass!

Delivered by the Co-creators of NPS

This self-paced online Net Promoter Masterclass includes:


  10 Completely Re-imagined Thought Leadership Frameworks

  More than 8 Hours of Original Online Instruction

 Direct Access to Subject Matter Experts

  Interactive Program Assessment Tools

  Complete All Certification Requirements Online


Built on over 10 years of experience, this course will fast-track your NPS skills with the leading NPS certification in the world. 

How to calculate an NPS Score

A quick overview of Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric is designed to measure customer loyalty with one simple question. Depending on the score provided by the customer, the customer is categorised as a Detractor, Passive or Promoter.

The research shows that your NPS score strongly correlates to the growth of your business (the objective being the higher the score, the higher the business growth).

By completing this certification you’ll understand the Net Promoter methodology including how to set up the survey correctly,  and to ensure you have the tools and systems in place to use NPS to drive change in your business.

An illustration of how Net Promoter Score (NPS) works
An illustration of how Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated

Online learning at your pace

Your self-paced online Net Promoter Masterclass is conducted online using a state of the art learning platform:

  • Start Anytime, Anywhere
  • Self-paced Progression
  • Interactive Pop Quizzes
  • A Program Workbook
  • Downloadable Resources

There are 8 core units which we anticipate will fit in one day or easily spread across a work week. You will also be able to continue to access any and all content post completion.

A lady doing an online NPS training course

CX Certification that matters

Any successful CX program starts with deeply informed professionals who understand the core capabilities needed across their organisation. Becoming certified will ground you in the art & science of NPS, enabling you to propel to success your program success.

This self-paced online Net Promoter Masterclass supports your professional and organisational aspirations to:

  • Act from a common framework
  • Build & leverage quality data sets
  • Engage the whole organisation
  • Accelerate transformation
  • Deliver financial prosperity

You’ll receive your proof of Net Promoter certification at the completion of the course (It will be emailed directly to you) making it a great addition to your CX skillset.

A photo of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Certificate of Achievement

Need to train more than one person?

Need to train more than one person?

Self-paced or live, facilitated sessions – it’s your choice!

This online course is self-paced and will take approximately 8 hours in total to complete and there are discounts available if you are purchasing tickets for more than one person.

If you have a minimum of 5 people, this course is also offered as ‘instructor led’ with subject matter experts from OCX Cognition facilitating 5 x 1.5 hour live sessions that are delivered in conjunction with this self-paced course.

Learn more about the instructor-led Net Promoter Masterclass >

8 Self-paced modules

Across the 8 self-paced online modules of the Net Promoter Masterclass, you’ll learn everything you need to know about implementing and/or optimising an NPS program into your organisation.

Each unit includes self-paced immersive modules incorporating lessons, videos, quick assessments and a time for reflection.

Module 1 - Foundation Underpinning success

Five fundamental concepts to help you drive through your program.

Module 2 - Data confessions

It’s all about the data. Here’s how you get what matters most.

Module 3 - Analytics

The root of all good: Knowing your score is good. Now know how to improve it!

Module 4 - Action Lights, camera, action

Nothing changes until someone acts. Here’s where you learn how.

Module 5 - Organisation

A burning platform: Engagement across your organisation. Let’s get it!

Module 6 - Program

You’re one strategic genius!  Pinpoint the structure, skills, and resources you need to prosper.

Module 7 - Market and Economics

Show me the money! Drive lifetime value and ROI through competitive context.

Module 8 - Integration

You’re in the driver’s seat: Confidently translate goals into a workable roadmap.

Sheet of paper with Net Promoter Score written on it
A gold stamp with the words Customer Loyalty
Customer Satisfaction Metrics

About your online trainer

In the self-paced online Net Promoter Masterclass, you’ll learn directly from Richard Owen.

While CEO at Satmetrix, Richard Owen led the development of the Net Promoter Score® methodology with Fred Reichheld, creating the world’s most widely used CX measurement approach.

And with Laura Brooks, he co-authored “Answering the Ultimate Question”, the best-selling “how to” guide for NPS practitioners.

Richard Owen is now the founder and CEO of OCX Cognition and in 15 years of hands-on involvement in more than 1,000 enterprise NPS programs, Richard and his team have developed a definitive understanding of what NPS was, is, and should be and he’s certified over 6,000 professionals globally in NPS.

Put simply, no one has more experience Net Promoter Score experience than Richard and his team of experts!

A picture of Richard Owen, trainer of the NPS certification course on CX Skills

“When it comes to something as important as NPS, it matters that you educate yourself and that you do so with the very best in the industry.” – Daniel Ord, Global CX Expert & Founder of Omnitouch International

Included in this self-paced online Net Promoter Masterclass:

Access to Experts

Each Unit is equipped with Q&A forums moderated directly by the team of subject matter experts at OCX Cognition. You can ask questions or contribute to peer feedback.

Measurement Tools

Access the official NPS program online assessment and pinpoint your best next steps to improve. Backed by guidance from OCX Cognition expert team, you can revisit through the year to mark your progress.

A Program Workbook

To activate your skills, once certified you will unlock access to our Program Workbook. Plug and play scenarios that will help you plan strategies for your roadmap.

Always-On Access

When your certification is complete, access isn’t over. Come back to access any and all tools available during the course of your subscription.

net promoter score NPS training course

About CX Skills

At CX Skills we only partner with the leading Customer Experience practitioners and training providers from across the globe that has proven credibility and skills. Whilst you purchase the course through us, the training and support for this course will be directly provided by the incredible team at OCX Cognition.

As soon as you’ve placed your order with us we’ll notify OCX Cognition and they’ll send you the details to access your self-paced course and enable you to get started (with the timezones please allow 24 hours to receive your login details).

CX Skills online Net Promoter Masterclass for NPS training

CX Skills Reviews & Testimonials

When you book a course with CX Skills you can be assured it’s a great course backed by industry-leading support. With great reviews and fantastic testimonials from real customers, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be fully supported throughout your learning journey.

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If you’ve got more than 5 people you may also want to view the live, instructor-led let Promoter Masterclass > that includes the self-paced course plus you get 5 live facilitated training sessions.

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