Live Chat Training Courses in Australia

Today, the use of Text Chat/Live Chat conversations is growing amongst the Contact Centre industry as customers continue to use different channels to engage with your business whether it’s through a live chat software on your website, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on.

Unlike voice conversations which have their own set of skill requirements, there are some unique considerations for handling customers who choose to use Live Chat or Text Chat to contact your organisation.  As this type of contact is essentially a form in writing, most organisations are therefore more sensitive with the protection of their brand and image.

But despite it’s growing importance (79% of customers in a recent survey said they prefer live chat over other options), the training opportunities to support those handling the live chat conversations, and the managers running the live chat function has been lacking.

Our Live Chat (or Text Chat) training courses are designed to help your business succeed in this critical channel with a proven structure designed specifically for live chat, SMS chat or Text chat conversations.

If you are currently handling LIve Chat or Text Chat or are thinking of introducing this channel – these live chat training courses are designed for you and your Team!

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Live Chat training courses delivered online

About Your Trainer

Your trainer for the Live Chat training courses is Daniel Ord from OmniTouch International – the leading Contact Centre & Customer Experience trainer in the world with his courses regularly selling out across the globe.

Daniel has trained over 50,000 participants across over 40 countries and is regularly featured in leading contact centre publications and he has been a regular visitor to Australia for over 20 years.

Participants consistently rank Daniel as the best trainer they’ve had with incredible subject matter expertise, excellent storytelling with real-world examples and of course, a great sense of humour so you’ll have some fun while you learn!

Credentials-wise, Dan is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) Certified Associate, a Call Centre Industry Advisory Council Training Partner (CIAC), Net Promoter Certified and the first to bring professional management level Contact Centre certification to Asia back in the early 00s.

Like to learn more about Daniel? Read some of Daniel’s articles on CX Central, listen to some Podcasts on the CX Hustle or view Daniel’s profile on LinkedIn.

Live Chat training expert Daniel Ord

Public or Private?

All of our Live Chat/Text Chat training courses can be delivered publicly (with other businesses) or privately (just for your business). We’ve explained some of the differences below.

Public Courses

Our publicly available live chat training courses enable you to enrol as few as one employee making them a cost-effective way of upskilling your frontline agents or managers.

The public courses can also be a great way to interact and learn from others in either the same or different industries.

Each course has fixed times and dates making it easy to plan around shifts, holidays, induction periods etc.

You’ll find a list of upcoming public courses for Live Chat training at the bottom of this page.

Private Courses

Whilst the public courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training larger groups of agents within your business.

Our Live Chat private courses can deliver the same course with dates and times to suit you and we can also include custom-built role plays, simulations and live chat examples based on your business rather than generic ones we use in our public courses.

Learn more about our private training options >

Options to suit your learning objectives

We have two separate streams for live chat training with one course designed for frontline agents and one for managers of the live chat function.

Live Chat Training for Frontline Staff

  • Designed for frontline agents handling live chat, text chat or SMS chat conversations
  • 8 Hours of live learning (2 x 4-hour sessions)
  • Delivered over two consecutive days

Live Chat Training for Managers

  • Designed for managers who will, or are, accountable for the live chat function.
  • 8 Hours of live learning (2 x 4-hour sessions)
  • Delivered over two consecutive days

Upcoming Public Live Chat Training Courses

With COVID-19 suspending all our classroom-based training for now, view our upcoming online Live Chat training courses all delivered by global CX expert Daniel Ord via ZOOM: