Emerging Leader Courses for Contact Centres

Do you have some great call centre agents that are ready to take the next step?

If you’ve identified an emerging leader in your contact centre then it’s critical you provide them with the skills to successfully take the next step in their career.

Whether it’s to prepare your emerging leader for a temporary ‘acting opportunity’ to cover some annual leave, part of a formalised succession plan or just being thrown into the deep end, our courses will ensure that they are ready to step into a leadership role in a contact centre environment.

And whilst the expected functions of a Team Leader can differ between organisations, our courses focus on the fundamental skills that include coaching, performance reviews, escalations, team meetings, reward and recognition, rostering, sick leave management just to name a few.

So set your employees up for success and learn more about our emerging leader courses just for contact centre professionals.

Contact Centre Emerging Leader training course

Why training emerging leaders is critical in a contact centre

The Team Leader role is one of the toughest roles in the contact centre and also one of the most critical. Think of the consequences of a poorly performing Team Leader:

  • You won’t just have one disengaged employee (the new Team Leader), you’ll have a whole team of disengaged contact centre agents.  And you know what that means – reduced performance, increased sick leave, increased turnover and a declining customer experience.
  • You’ve probably already lost your best agent (you took them off the phones for this opportunity remember) and if they aren’t supported in their new opportunity, you just may lose them altogether as an employee.

Upskilling your contact centre emerging leaders

With decades of experience in running contact centres and nurturing our emerging leaders, we could never find an external course that suited our needs.

Firstly, there are were no available courses that provided a great overview of contact centre management providing future leaders with the fundamentals of call centre management they needed to know.

And secondly, often the available leadership and coaching courses were built on principles that just don’t apply, or have no relevance to, the unique contact centre industry.

All our emerging leader courses are delivered by current or former contact centre managers ensuring the course participants are learning from someone who has “been there, done that” with extensive subject matter expertise and lot’s of credibility!

contact centre emerging leader course

Whilst we offer a few different course options, all our courses are designed to deliver four key outcomes:

Operational & Technical Skills – Education on how contact centres work, common KPI’s, industry jargon, things to look out for, common traps etc.
Leadership Skills – arming the course participants with the skills and knowledge to provide basic leadership and coaching skills in a contact centre.
Self Development – Teaching skills on how to ensure course participants get the best out of themselves so they are in the best position to help others.
Networking opportunities – a chance to meet and interact with others in the industry and build a professional network with like-minded individuals.

Upcoming Contact Centre Emerging Leader courses:

With COVID-19 we have suspended all our public training courses until it is safe to resume. Learn more about our online training courses or we can customise a training course to deliver in-house/on-premise for you.