Customer Service ‘Professional’ Course

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Have your existing frontline staff ever been taught call handling skills by professional customer service experts?

Our Customer Service Professional Training course is designed to provide students with advanced customer service skills to deliver superior phone experiences day after day, call after call.

Delivered over 6 x 2-hour modules via Zoom, we’ll teach a structured, yet natural approach (no scripts!) that encourages staff to be themselves and engage with empathy.

Your staff will be coached to progressively learn, build and apply new habits and skills that will transform their psychology and performance that will positively impact on your customers and business like never before.

First Contact Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Call Quality and Employee Engagement are all positively impacted through learning how to be both more efficient and more effective on each customer interaction.

Unlock the superstars in your team and empower them with premium, transferrable call handling skills that will assist them to deal with any type of inbound enquiry or customer type for any industry, product or service!

You may also be interested in our Customer Service Essentials or Customer Service Excellence courses as well as specialist courses like Live Chat, Emails or Managing Difficult Customers.

Professional Customer Service Skills training course Australia

Customer Service Professional Training Course Highlights

  • 6 x 2-Hour modules (60 minutes facilitated learning & 60 minutes of practice & demos)
  • Paced across three weeks to learn & apply new habits and limit time off the phones.
  • Learn skills & methodologies that can be applied across any industry.
  • All delivered live & online by Australia’s top CX trainer!

Built for online training!

This course has been specifically adapted to be delivered online with trainee engagement and learning outcomes enhanced by the short bursts of interactive and engaging development methods.

Our Customer Service Professional training course will introduce and coach them through the essential behaviours needed for superior customer service that triggers positive emotions, improved call outcomes and high levels of customer and employee engagement.

Online Customer Service Professional training course

Who should do this course?

Customer Service Professional Skills training course

The Customer Service Professional training course has been designed to help frontline staff who are already working in a role that interacts with customers and has some experience talking to customers (as we will use their current challenges and examples as part of the learnings).

The 6 x 2-hour modules have been designed to be delivered in a structured manner enabling students to learn and apply their new skills in between the different modules.

The skills we teach are applicable to all industries, products and services!

Typical roles include:

  • Call centre agents (sales or service)
  • Customer service staff
  • Telephone account management
  • Technical support
  • Complaints teams
  • Frontline staff who interact with customers

If you have someone who is new to call centre or customer service work, or they need to upskill in a quicker time period, check out our Customer Service Essentials course which is delivered via 5 x 2 hour daily sessions over a single week or our flagship Customer Service Excellence course which is 16 hours of training with a global expert.

What you’ll learn:

The Customer Service Professional training course is designed to first influence the psychology of participants to start viewing service from a customer perspective rather than their own internal, operational mindset. Then the call handling model that forms the basis of the program, ‘The 5 Degrees of Customer Experience’, is introduced in a sequenced manner that builds competency and new habits in a staged approach.

We’ve also in included a module to master the skills of handling difficult customers that will not only reduce anxiety in your staff in how to handle those tough situations, but it will help your business by reducing the number of frustrated customers.

There’s plenty of role-playing and practice built in to ensure agents can put their new skills to work with the practice conducted in a safe, fun and welcoming online environment.

At the end of the course, trainees will be provided with a certificate of achievement and most importantly, be empowered with new skills that will help them succeed in their role.

Contact Centre Agent Professional training course

Learn over 6 x 2 Hour Modules

Our course is spaced out over six, two-hour sessions enabling students plenty of time to learn and apply their new skills in between each session and minimise the impact of off-phone activity.

1. Engage

An exploration of what customer’s want & need; the first 30 seconds of conversation to personalise and build trust.

2. Energy, Empathy & Resilience

Breathing, the power of the pause, staying resilient in the face of repetition, vibrant and natural delivery, empathy at all times.

3. Discover

Effective listening, conversation & checks to confirm what the customer wants to achieve and how to resolve.

4. Educate & Close

Paint pictures of what you know relevant to their needs checking for questions & resolution with your appreciation.

5. Difficult Customers

A 3-step method of listening, empathy & intent to deal with a range of difficult customers, objections and complaints.

6. Bring it together

Practice & demos of end-to-end calls; individuals reveal their successes & challenges; priority next steps; Certificates of Achievement awarded to all.

About Your Trainer

The Customer Service Professional training course has been designed by two of Australia’s leading Contact Centre & Customer Experience experts, Justin Tippett & Simon Blair who have combined their expertise to bring you the premier online facilitated training available in the marketplace today.

They have drawn on their more than 50 combined years of contact centre consultancy, management, and performance improvement experience to help teach and build habits in the most critical call handling behaviours that have already been used to transform thousands of staff across diverse operations into Customer Service Superstars.

Simon has trained thousands of agents across Australia and as well as one of Australia’s top trainers, Simon is an avid podcaster, father of 4 and he’s a proud supporter of the North Melbourne AFL team (don’t hold that against him!).

Simon Blair Profile Picture
Simon Blair is one of Australia's leading Customer Experience trainers helping thousands of staff to become customer service superstars!


Feedback from Managers who have implemented this course:

customer testimonial from Tim Green

“We weren’t sure what to expect when we switched from the classroom training approach with Five Degrees to an online delivery model. It exceeded all expectations and provided an even better experience for staff as well as enhanced learning outcomes. The structured approach of the 5 Degrees model lends itself extremely well to online facilitation. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. – Tim Green, Commercial Capability Manager, Philip Morris

Belinda Morrisby Testimonial

“Hi Simon, yesterday’s training workshop with the team went really, really well. It was such a positive learning exercise for all of them and the feedback I received was great! – Belinda Morrisby, Group Manager Training & Development, RACT

Michael Mirabito testimonial

“When we started our work with Simon we incorporated his Five Degrees model into our CX framework. This has helped us deliver improved service via our own staff and also those with our outsourced partners. Everyone has reaped the benefits from our improved Service Desk experience to Toyota employees that has come from our long-term partnership. – Michael Mirabito, Manager – Service Improvement, Toyota

Mustafa Ghulam testimonial

“The Five Degrees methodology provides a clear framework to sustain improvements. It is easy to understand, easy to train and provides a foundation for individual and team improvement.”

– Mustafa Ghulam, Business Improvement & CX Manager, Willoughby City Council

Course Participants Feedback:

“Thought I would let you know that it is the most outstanding Customer Service course I have ever done! From the videos to the role-plays and the general interaction with the guys. They were both professional and fun. Great work guys. Thanks! – Customer Service Training Participant, TAFE NSW

“It is difficult to come up with one part of the training that was my favourite. The whole thing I believe was one of the most inspiring training sessions that I have done in 11.5 years at Aurora. I’m excited at just how much the Five Degrees approach can improve our customer experience – Customer Service Team Leader Training Participant, Aurora Energy

“I would recommend this training as it was insightful and refreshing. Simon really made us step out of our own perspective and into the customer experience. There were things he covered that I was just wowed by. I’m so used to set scripts and pitches but Simon covered the words to say, voice volume, pauses and how to have conversations that makes the customer comfortable to build trust.” – Customer Service Training Participant, Philip Morris

“WOW OH WOW, I’ve just listened to recordings of three of the coaching sessions Simon did. I’m so excited about our upcoming Training with him. The way he delivers his feedback is awesome and he has some really powerful tips for the guys which simplify things.” – Customer Service Train-the-Trainer Participant, RACT

About CX Skills

CX Skills is a specialist training business that only delivers customer experience and customer service related courses facilitated exclusively by industry professionals. Our main website, CX Central is Australia’s most trusted website for contact centre and CX professionals in Australia and we also manage the popular Call Centre Legends Facebook page followed by over 30,000 call centre employees.

As well as training solutions, we also provide CX & Contact Centre consulting services using the same practices, processes and methodologies that we use in our training courses so you can rest assured you’ll be learning best-practice skills that work in the real world.

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How and when it’s delivered

The course is delivered via Zoom Teleconferencing and users will be sent any required materials prior to the course commencing. We offer this course both publicly and privately with the differences outlined below:

Public Courses

The Customer Service Professional course is delivered as 6 x two-hour modules enabling you to learn your skills with plenty of time to practice and apply your new learnings in between each session.

The times and dates are fixed to enable you to plan ahead and typically we run this course once a month. If you would like to have more flexibility on the dates, times and content refer to our private options.

Private Courses

Whilst the public courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training larger groups of agents exclusively just for your business.

Our private courses can deliver the same course with dates and times to suit you and we can also include custom-built role plays, simulations and call examples based on your business rather than generic ones we use in our public courses.

Learn more about our private training options >

Pricing and Payment Options

The Customer Service Professional Training course is just $497 per person ex GST for the entire 12 hours of facilitated learning (6 x 2-hour sessions).

Want to register more than 3 staff? Save 15% when booking in the same transaction (note: the discount will be applied on the final checkout page).

Upcoming Public Customer Service ‘Professional’ Training Courses: 

There are currently NO scheduled public courses. This course is however available for private sessions (e.g. training an entire team with flexibility over dates and times). Contact us for more information!