Customer Service Courses in Australia

Whether you call it a Contact Centre, Call Centre, Knowledge Centre, Support Centre and so on,  if you have employees that speak to customers on the phone then our customer service courses are designed just for you.

All our customer service courses have been developed by seasoned contact centre industry professionals, running award-winning contact centres in both the private and public sectors to deliver best-practice, proven methodologies and insight that provide real skills for the real world.

Why invest in Customer Service?

Gartner predicts that by 2020, Customer Experience will be the primary differentiator between businesses, not price or product. And in many industries, forget 2020 – it’s happening now.

Investing in your employees to ensure they provide a good customer experience is not only great to your employees, it delivers a host of other benefits. Consider this:

Happier workers are 12% more productive than neutral ones, while unhappier workers were 10% less productive.
A customer is 4 times more likely to purchase from a competitor if they are having an issue related to CX – not pricing or products.
Happy staff have fewer sick days to a factor of 10X a dissatisfied employee. And they’ll stay longer too.
86% of consumers are likely to repurchase from a brand that offers what they deem as being “excellent customer experience.
Reduced turnover – It costs between 30-50 per cent of an annual salary (over $25,000 in Australia) to replace one frontline agent.

Customer Service Courses in Australia

And what are customers basing their customer experience on? For the majority of customers, the interaction with your frontline agent is the moment of truth. Put simply, every single call your customer service employee handles can make the difference between business success or failure.

Investing in your business success

Your frontline team is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. Real conversations with real customers who are making real decisions about their satisfaction with your business.

Why leave that to chance?

Our courses will empower your staff with the practical knowledge and skills for the job they are employed to do, and will also ensure they have the support network and resources to continue to develop their career and expertise long after our courses finish.

Upcoming Customer Service Courses

With COVID-19 we have suspended all our public training courses until it is safe to resume. Learn more about our online training courses or we can customise a training course to deliver in-house/on-premise for you.