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Customer Experience Management Training – February 2022

Feb 1, 2022 @ 1:00 PM - Feb 4, 2022 @ 5:30 PM AEDT | $1597
Customer Experience Management training course in Australia February 2022


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CX Management Fundamentals (Feb 2022)
$ 1,797.00 $ 1,597.00 ex GST

The GOLD STANDARD of Customer Experience Management training courses 

Save 20% with the Early Bird rate!

The perfect preparation to gain the globally recognised CCXP credentials and/or expand your knowledge of leading CX practices and processes. 

With Customer Experience (CX for short) the hottest topic in business right now, there are significant opportunities for individuals armed with the latest skills to position themselves as a CX Management leader and drive change based on a customer-centric culture to deliver real, measurable results.

In our February 2022 CX Management Fundamentals training course you’ll receive 18 hours of facilitated learning delivered via 4 x 4.5-hour live Zoom sessions, teaching you the six core customer experience management skills and strategies based on the Internationally recognised CCXP certification (Certified Customer Experience Professional) ensuring the skills you learn are aligned to globally recognised best-practice techniques.

Please note: Whilst this course serves as the perfect preparation for those thinking of applying for the CCXP certification (approx 30% of those who have previously completed this course with a 100% pass mark), you don’t need to apply for the exam – the skills you learn will still apply!

Customer Experience Training Course February 2022

Experience that matters

In this February 2022 Customer Experience Management Fundamentals course, you’ll learn directly from renowned global CX trainer Daniel Ord from OmniTouch International, one of only 15 globally recognised CXPA training providers*.

As you’ll notice in the testimonials, Daniel is globally recognised as one of the most dynamic, knowledgeable and engaging trainers in the industry and as with any training, the success of the course is largely influenced by the trainer’s skills and experience.

As a CXPA Recognised Training Provider, you are assured that the training you receive is from a provider recognised by CXPA as having the qualifications, skills, and commitment to providing quality Customer Experience training that will enhance your CX knowledge.

So whether it’s for the CCXP exam preparation, or you want to learn how to develop a CX strategy through to execution, this CX Management Fundamentals course ensures you are armed with the practical skills and knowledge on how to immediately start putting the customer at the centre of your business leading to better business outcomes.

*A global CXPA Recognised Training Provider has to go through a stringent qualification and testing process and it replaces the old Authorised Training Provider which is no longer supported or endorsed by the CXPA.

CXPA Recognised Trainer Provider

18 Hours of Live, Facilitated Learning Delivered over 4 x 4.5 Hour Online Sessions

The truth is there is a lot to learn in Customer Experience Management as it is such a broad field with many components and to do it justice, it takes time.

Daniel Ord has been training CX courses since 2001 (one of the longest consecutive CX training providers in the world) and our CX management training course has been constantly refined to deliver an optimal training format that provides a perfect balance of theory, practice and most importantly, lots of real-life examples and stories to bring it all to life.

Each course includes an electronic workbook and we include lots of examples, case studies, frameworks and learnings that will continue to be a great reference point long after the course has been completed.

The CX Fundamentals course is delivered over four consecutive days (4.5-hour sessions that include some breaks) to maximise learning outcomes.  Whilst that does require some commitment, our experience suggests that leaving too much of a break between the sessions dilutes the effectiveness of the training.

Session One – Getting to the heart of CX

CX isn’t Customer Service.  It’s not a better website or even a better buying experience.  It’s about transforming the Customer’s perception of everything you are into something meaningful, actionable and tangible.  CX Know-How helps make that happen.

Session Two – The CX Strategy & Voice of the Customer

Who are we?  What do we represent?  Do our people know who we are?  And who are our Customers? What do they expect?  Crafting a CX Strategy that operationalises & supports Organisational strategy and brand and considers the needs of Customers is where it begins.

We listen – we learn.  And that means a thorough understanding of listening tools & practices.  Quantitative surveys, Qualitative Research, tapping on multiple sources, making insights & results ‘real’ to people through Personas & Journey Maps.

Whether it’s ethnography, social media or a relationship survey, Voice of Customer is how we listen and learn.

Session Three – Experience Design & Metrics

When it comes time to innovate or create new experiences, human-centred design helps us come up with solutions we may have never thought of before.  It’s not sitting around a table brainstorming.

It’s a stakeholder inclusive approach used to solve problems for humans by including them each step of the way.

And metrics matter.  Because they inform us of the success of our strategy and its implementation.  What objectives to choose, how to look at ROI, which experiences to measure, assembling data analytics that make sense and considering how to get action taken across the Organisation.  These are the elements of Metrics, Measurement & ROI.

Session Four – Governance & Culture

Should we have a Chief Customer Officer?  If so, what is their domain?  What are the characteristics for success?  And how can we tell if our Organisation takes Customer Experience seriously – that’s where Governance & Organisational Accountability come in.

It’s the sum of all the formal decisions made by our Organisation around Customer Experience.  And it can be seen.

Culture can also be seen.  It’s observable.  But what goes into crafting & building a Culture that includes Customers?  It’s both surprisingly easy and difficult at the same time.

Hiring, Socialisation, Cultural Beliefs, Rewards.  Do we treat Customers right because we’re paid to?  Or because it’s the right thing to do.  That’s where Culture comes in.

Zoom Zoom!

This February 2022 CX Management Fundamentals/CCXP Exam Preparation course is delivered online via 4 x 4.5-hour sessions with Daniel conducting each session live from his base in Germany (even though he’s actually American – it’s a long story!).

Recent participants who have completed the online course have rated it 5 stars and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with one of the benefits that it provides a chance to pause in-between sessions and allow some of the content to be ‘digested’, facilitating even greater conversations and learnings than would otherwise be possible in the physical course.

We’ve also had a much more diverse group of attendees than would be possible in person with course participants joining us from all over the world including the UK, USA, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and of course Australia which has added enormous value to the sessions.

CX Training course online February 2022

Lock in the dates and times now:

  • Session 1 – Tuesday 1st February 2022 1:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT
  • Session 2 – Wednesday 2nd February 2022 1:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT
  • Session 3 – Thursday 3rd February 2022 1:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT
  • Session 4 – Friday 4th February 2022 1:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT

This course is the perfect segue to gaining your internationally recognised Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credentials. 

CCXP Exam preparation training course Australia FEB 2022

Watch the Video on CCXP

Founder of CX SKills Justin Tippett interviews the facilitator of the CX Management Fundamentals course Daniel Ord covering many of the questions people want to know about the CCXP and the overall course.

Closed Captions/subtitles are available for this video – just click the option at the bottom of the video.

Who should do this course?

CCXP exam preparation course February 2022

As Customer Experience is still an emerging discipline for most businesses, the course will benefit any role that is looking to learn how to use the Customer Experience as the vehicle to deliver better business outcomes.

Typical roles this course may be suitable for include:

  • Customer Experience (CX) Managers working towards obtaining the internationally recognised CCXP certification.
  • Customer Experience consultants and practitioners looking to validate their mastery and learn some new skills.
  • General Managers & Business owners looking to expand their skillset with a customer focus
  • Customer Service/Call Centre Managers wanting to broaden their skillset beyond the call centre.
  • Marketing Managers wanting to learn more about how they can influence the customer journey.

The skills you learn are applicable globally – we continually have students join us from all over the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Germany, France and more!

The SIX FIVE core CCXP competencies you’ll learn

The February 2022 Customer Experience Management Fundamentals course is designed to equip you with skills in the following five core Certified Customer Experience Professional competencies (the CCXP refined their six core competencies into five in late 2021):

1. Customer Experience Strategy

The CX strategy defines and describes your intended customer experience, how it links to your overall objectives and how it aligns to your brand values and attributes.

2. Customer-Centric Culture

Learn the building blocks of establishing a customer-centric culture across your business.

3. Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding

Customer understanding is the thing that replaces everyone’s best guess about customers with real actionable insights using qualitative and quantitative research.

4. Organisational Adoption and Accountability

How to ensure your organisation acts on customer insights.

5. Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation

Learn how to create new experiences or modify existing experiences that will help Stakeholders achieve their objectives.

6. Metrics, Measurement and ROI

Learn how to choose the right CX Metrics and how to do the analysis and get the results out there including data architecture, Return on Investment and Principles of Customer Valuation.

Two bonus modules!

In addition to the six modules above aligned to the CCXP Framework, we also include an additional two modules :

  • Understanding Customer Experience
  • Essential Customer Research Know-How

We find that these two additional modules are not only popular, but they’ll also help deepen your CX understanding.

What happens in the course?

In this CCXP Exam Preparation/ CX Management Fundamentals Training we will:

  • Provide a strategic understanding of each of the five core customer experience competencies (as detailed above).
  • Share examples, case studies and stories around each competency.
  • Provide practice quizzes for each competency domain.
  • Document how the competencies interrelate with each other.
  • Understand how to establish the business case for CX.
  • Address the roles & practices around Personas, Journey Maps, VOC & VOE programs.
  • Build out exercises that allow participants to apply concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Provide a forum for interaction, sharing and dialogue.

 Gain Globally Recognised Certification  

This February 2022 Customer Experience Management Fundamentals course is the perfect prerequisite to equip yourself with the industry-leading certification for Customer Experience professionals known as the CCXP accreditation (Certified Customer Experience Professional).

Participants who complete this course are not required to take the CCXP Exam however should you decide to pursue the accreditation, this course is considered the ideal CCXP exam preparation as it uses the same style and format to give you the best chance of success. In fact, we have a 100% pass mark for every course participant who has gone on to apply for their certification.

The Certified Customer Experience Professional credential – ‘CCXP’ proves your mastery of the 5 Customer Experience competencies identified by the CXPA as critical for CX professionals.

There is a cost to sit the exam and you will be required to do some additional study to finalise your preparation for the exam (mostly consisting of some additional reading) – you can find out more about this on the CCXP website >

CXPA recognised training provider status for Daniel Ord

Your free 60-minute CCXP exam preparation private coaching session!

You don’t get to become a globally Recognised Training Provider for the Customer Experience Professionals Association without having an absolute commitment to helping people on their Customer Experience journey.

Daniel Ord includes a free 60-minute private CCXP exam preparation coaching session for anyone who has completed the course and then decides to go forward and sit for the formal CCXP exam.

This is purely a coaching session designed to help you pass the exam – it’s not a sales pitch to get some consulting work or sell you more courses, an exploratory consulting session ‘to learn more about your business’, a career counselling session and so on. It’s simply designed to help you prepare as best you can to sit the exam (there is a cost each time you sit for the exam) so you can ask questions, go over any items you’re unsure of, test your knowledge etc

It’s been a popular choice for a reason – students who have completed the course and have had their one-hour session with Daniel have a 100% pass mark for the exam! 

About your trainer

Daniel Ord is one of the leading global voices in CX management with Daniel regularly sharing his expertise as a keynote speaker on some of the worlds biggest stages as well as a regular judge in industry awards,  author to countless articles and a guest on numerous podcasts across the world as a CX expert.

A 30-year industry veteran, Daniel has spent the last 20 years facilitating workshops as part of his global Omnitouch International training business that helps people deliver better Customer Experiences.

Daniel is one of only 15 people globally to have earned the CXPA Recognised Training Provider status and he is widely regarded for his wealth of knowledge, engaging presentation style and real-life stories that bring the learnings to life!

But it’s the testimonials he’s most proud of.  He’s received thousands of positive testimonials over the years – many of which can be found on his LinkedIn profile and on his company website omnitouchinternational.com

Like to learn more about Daniel? Read some of Daniel’s articles on CX Central, listen to some Podcasts on the CX Hustle or view Daniel’s profile on LinkedIn.

The trainer for the February 2022 CX Management course is Daniel Ord

BONUS! As one of only a handful of global CXPA Recognised Trainer Providers, if you decide to sit for the CCXP certification, we are authorised to supply you with an exclusive 15% off coupon voucher to join the CXPA and the exam fee saving you over $100 USD!

Recent Testimonials 

Enlightening and educational delivered by an expert

Rated 4 out of 5
27 September 2021

A professional course taught by a professional. Everyone in the course was involved. Daniel was well knowledged, and patient. He gave us plenty of examples and said we could reach out to him in the future for any doubts or questions we might have.

Avatar for Ziad Palakkal
Ziad Palakkal

Great course that provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of CX

Rated 5 out of 5
27 September 2021

Daniel is a terrific communicator that is very focused on making sure that everyone has the opportunity to get what they need. This is a great course for those that are both beginning their CX journey as well as those that want to reinforce and refresh their approach to CX. It is a very logical and structured course that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone interested in this growing field.

Avatar for Angelo Klidomitis
Angelo Klidomitis

Highly recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5
27 September 2021

Great course and deep dive into strategic CX management. Daniel Ord is an expert facilitator and was well supported by Marcus as they guided our dynamic group of participants through the competency framework. Highly recommend!

Avatar for Angela McLeod
Angela McLeod

Putting the CXy in Customer Experience!

Rated 5 out of 5
24 September 2021

I’m new to the world of CX and now have a house for me to keep my acquired learnings! I felt like I had some basic Ikea furniture in my house before, but the course has given me the appetite and courage to go for more artisan pieces.
Who knows? Maybe Wedgewood is in the horizon! Both Daniel and Marcus are such engaging presenters and so knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Avatar for Cindy C
Cindy C

Thoroughly enjoyed this course!

Rated 5 out of 5
1 July 2021

This course was very true to its name and provides a comprehensive overview and understanding of the six competencies of successful CX Management. The facilitator was extremely engaging, exceptionally well versed in the theory and allowed for some very rich contributions and shared learnings from across the group. Highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in this space and those looking to pursue CCXP accreditation.

Avatar for Maree Cilia, Customer Experience Lead, City of Boroondara
Maree Cilia, Customer Experience Lead, City of Boroondara

Really enjoyable and engaging CX course!

Rated 5 out of 5
30 May 2021

I really enjoyed the CX Management course run by Daniel Ord & facilitated by Justin Tippett from CX Central/CX Skills. It was done over Zoom and separated into 4 x 4 hour sessions which felt just right in terms of length. Daniel’s a great trainer and the course helped prepare me for the CCXP exam. It’s also provided that more holistic understanding for Customer Experience, increasing my confidence in this space so I’d highly recommend.

Avatar for Richard Korn, Executive Director - Customer Experience at Ipsos
Richard Korn, Executive Director - Customer Experience at Ipsos

Fantastic course

Rated 5 out of 5
28 April 2021

I learnt a lot about CX and the course gave me clarity on the 6 main competencies. The training was fun, enjoyable, I can recommend to anyone who is passionate about the “Customer” subject. Daniel is very knowledgeable and experienced, he used real-life business examples to understand both the strategic and tactical elements of CX. He also involved us which generated even more credibility.

Avatar for Eva Palfi, Director Customer Fuels Operations Europe, BP
Eva Palfi, Director Customer Fuels Operations Europe, BP

A fundamental course for any CX Professional

Rated 5 out of 5
27 April 2021

This course is absolutely fundamental to anyone dealing with customer experience, the customer journey and also customer service departments. The course is packed with real-life examples illustrating the 6 pillars of customer experience! Dan shares all his knowledge and expertise freely and with great love and enthusiasm for the subject matter!

Avatar for Marianne Rutz, Founder, Rutz Consulting
Marianne Rutz, Founder, Rutz Consulting

Highly Recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5
27 April 2021

The CX Management Fundamentals course was exceptional, a balanced blend of best-in-class examples and theory. Daniel was the utmost professional, sharing his wealth of knowledge in customer experience and contact centre management. The content was relevant and covered an array of business examples. A course that exemplifies two-way participation (no death by PowerPoint). The diverse group of attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge, which was priceless. I highly recommend this course for anyone in the customer experience realm, even beginners like me.

Avatar for Rachael Lowe, Customer Experience Manager, Cummins Inc.
Rachael Lowe, Customer Experience Manager, Cummins Inc.

Very informative and great discussions

Rated 5 out of 5
25 January 2021

Learning online can have challenges, however, the course was well planned and paced. A lot of information covered and well explained. Lots of question and discussion opportunities were made, which added to the knowledge sharing.

Avatar for James Crawford, Customer Experience Leader
James Crawford, Customer Experience Leader

Loved this course!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
2 November 2019

I’d been looking for this type of training for some time and it certainly exceeded all my expectations. A great opportunity to learn the fundamental principles and frameworks behind Customer Experience and Daniel was a great presenter!

Avatar for Katrina Hassett, Manager Commercial Operations, Gordan TAFE
Katrina Hassett, Manager Commercial Operations, Gordan TAFE

Great course to learn the bigger picture of CX

Rated 5 out of 5
1 November 2019

The CX competencies training was a real eye-opener for me! As the head of the call centre channel, my focus has traditionally been on my team but this course has enabled me to see the bigger picture and provided me with the skills and framework to apply CX strategies and thinking across our entire business.

Avatar for Maureen Wanu, Head of Customer Contact Centre, Bank South Pacific Limited
Maureen Wanu, Head of Customer Contact Centre, Bank South Pacific Limited

The Gold Standard for CX Professionals!

Rated 5 out of 5
1 April 2019

The best days I’ve spent in training for a long time! This course is the ‘gold standard’ for Customer Experience Professionals looking to sharpen their skills and understanding of the six core competencies needed to effectively lead and transform their organisation’s Customer Experience

Avatar for Mike Whittaker, Customer Experience and Innovation Manager, Moorabool Shire Council
Mike Whittaker, Customer Experience and Innovation Manager, Moorabool Shire Council

“Daniel is a demonstrated expert and champion of CX. He demonstrates his passion for excellence with such humility and empathy and does so much to help people grow in this area. He’s an amazing facilitator and has a unique way of connecting the dots in a way that allows people from diverse background to understand the inner workings. It’s been a privilege to know him.” 

“Daniel brings intelligence, good humour, creativity and financial discipline to everything he addresses. 

“Love the way it was structured with perfect examples & stories to highlight/define each competency”

“Many great moments of insights and perspectives”

“Daniel was knowledgeable, fun and super engaging and I didn’t have one single moment of boredom throughout the course”

“Daniel makes it interesting with his experience and knowledge, a great investment!”

“Very fulfilling and helpful knowledge to aid my understanding on how to survey customers”

“The journey mapping is extremely useful as it allows me to have a more systematic way of looking at things from a customer perspective”

“Perfect pace – not too fast and totally focussed on the learner’s experience”

Testimonials for the Feb 2022 CX Fundamentals Training Course by Daniel Ord

About CX Skills

CX Skills is a specialist training business that only delivers customer experience and customer service related courses facilitated exclusively by industry professionals. Our main website, CX Central is Australia’s most trusted website for contact centre and CX professionals in Australia and we also manage the popular Call Centre Legends Facebook page followed by over 30,000 call centre employees.

As well as training solutions, we also provide CX & Contact Centre consulting services using the same practices, processes and methodologies that we use in our training courses so you can rest assured you’ll be learning best-practice skills that work in the real world.

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Jamie Leonard
Jamie Leonard
05:13 15 Oct 21
I did the management of contact centres four day workshop, it was fantastic! The facilitator was really engaging and... explained everything from WFM to forecasting in a easy to understand manner. Highly recommend to anyone working in a contact centre environment!read more
GVW Intranet
GVW Intranet
04:48 15 Oct 21
I had a fantastic learning experience with the half day Journey Mapping course. Shane was our trainer and explained... things thoroughly, used great practical examples and helped through the exercise when needed. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. The group size was not too big so everyone was able to contribute online. I feel confident to 'give a journey map a go' now, thank you. Helenread more
Jim Rodd
Jim Rodd
00:00 14 Sep 21
The Introduction to Contact Centre Management is an excellent course for those looking to understand contact centres... from a helicopter view and benchmark their operations. From the fundamental pillars to critical KPIs and performance metrics that underpin almost every contact centre globally, Justin is personable and professional and speaks with authority on a topic he knows intimately.read more
Sam Petroulias
Sam Petroulias
04:45 16 Jul 21
Justin offers such a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be applied to leaders in any business. Thank you Justin!
Marianne Rutz
Marianne Rutz
11:06 26 Apr 21
This course is absolutely fundamental to anyone dealing with customer experience, the customer journey and also... customer service departments. The course is packed with real life examples illustrating the 6 pillars of customer experience! Dan shares all his knowledge and expertise freely and with great love and enthusiasm for the subject matter!read more
Rachael Lowe
Rachael Lowe
22:30 25 Apr 21
The CX Management Fundamentals course was exceptional, a balanced blend of best in-class examples and theory . Daniel... was the utmost professional, sharing his wealth of knowledge in customer experience and contact centre management. Content was relevant and covered an array of business examples. A course that exemplifies two-way participation (no death by PowerPoint). The diverse group of attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge, which was priceless. I highly recommend this course for anyone in the customer experience realm, even beginners like me.read more
Eva Palfi
Eva Palfi
16:53 25 Apr 21
I learnt a lot about CX and the course gave me clarity on the 6 main competencies. The training was fun, enjoyable, I... can recommend to anyone who is passionate about the "Customer" subject. Daniel is very knowledgeable and experienced, he used real life business examples to understand both the strategic and tactical elements of CX. He also involved us which generated even more credibility.read more
Rory Lynch
Rory Lynch
04:45 29 Mar 21
I could not recommend this Company highly enough, I have now done two courses with the Fantastic Dan & Marcus and have... taken so much away. I want to thank everybody involved with CX Skills.read more
Vanessa Gralton
Vanessa Gralton
22:17 15 Mar 21
An absolutely fun and engaging learning session presented by Daniel. Would definitely recommend.
Monica Malgarini
Monica Malgarini
06:29 03 Mar 21
Justin and the team at CX Skills have gone over and above the call of duty to deliver great Customer Service training... to our entire Service Centre team. The training has been high quality, delivered remotely, and Justin has been extremely flexible with necessary changes to attendees due to operational requirements. I highly recommend CX Skills to assist with your training needs.read more
Chris Remnant
Chris Remnant
03:58 25 Feb 21
The training provided manages to take complex sales strategies and make them easy to understand and implicate in a... sales call. It provides a structure that isn’t stifled by wordy scripts and pitches, and guides consultants towards a successful outcome for both the customer and consultant.This training took efficient, tried and tested sales concepts and expand on them to not only generate higher conversion, but a more positive customer experience.Aside from the training, which was amazing, Simon - the trainer - was a pleasure to work with. He was attentive and showed a real passion and desire to enhance the trainee’s sales expertise.I would recommend CX Group to anyone who will listen!read more
Elena Prenner
Elena Prenner
22:06 03 Feb 21
A very well structured training course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and a very good presenter.
Sheree Laursen
Sheree Laursen
04:48 03 Feb 21
The Contact Centre Management course was full of practical help and advice. The trainers were very knowledgeable and... tailored the course to the participants needs. It was very enjoyable and well thought out course.read more
Nicole Field
Nicole Field
05:25 02 Feb 21
I recently attended the Contact Centre Management Fundamentals course and found it extremely useful and relevant.... Daniel was extremely knowledgeable on all topics and handled questions with ease. He was a great trainer and i found the session had a great mix to suit all learning styles. I have taken so much from this course, the networking opportunities as well as the CX website and associated resources. I highly recommend attending if you are looking to better understand contact centre management regardless of what level you work at.read more
Adrian Powell
Adrian Powell
09:44 25 Jan 21
Daniel, Marcus and Justin provided an outstanding course that was presented professionally and engaging. It was great... to attend a training course that enabled time to ask relevant questions, obtain reassurance and seek clarification from other participants.Though the session was run via Zoom, I felt Daniel engaged with the attendees in such a way that it encouraged networking opportunities and learn from each other as well as supporting each other in progressing theory into current real life examples.I look forward at seeing what other courses CX Skills can not only me but other team members.Cannot speak enough about the after course work and the offering Justin provides for the CX community. Look forward to seeing you a future session... Maybe the QA development session later this year!read more
Badri Pokhrel
Badri Pokhrel
05:52 21 Jan 21
Thank you team-It has certainly changed the whole perspective on how I used to see and handle the issues not just at... the workplace but also in day to day life. Very practical and informative course content delivered in a very professional way. I truely recomend everyone out there to use this platform.read more
Sarsha S
Sarsha S
23:39 22 Dec 20
Justin created a great call centre fundamentals program for our organisation, based on the skill gaps needed filling. ... Although it was at the height of the Melbourne lockdown the session was still interactive, interesting and achieved the desired result.read more
Katherine Robshaw Ed Dept
Katherine Robshaw Ed Dept
04:06 30 Nov 20
Really enjoyed course on handling difficult customers. I came away with a number of tools that I can use not only with... customers, but also day to day life.read more
Linda P
Linda P
04:52 16 Nov 20
Kaylee Gerbes
Kaylee Gerbes
23:43 21 Sep 20
Justin from CX responded promptly to my training enquiry. He heard what we wanted and we discussed best way to present... this during Melbourne Lockdown. He conducted the introduction to contact centre leadership remotely with a small group. He weaved his contact centre experience with humour and activities that were appropriate and engaging. At the end each person agreed that they learnt lots and were going to apply at least one thing back in their role. I would highly recommend CX and Justin for training and support.read more
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Outstanding Value

The February 2022 Customer Experience Management Fundamentals/CCXP Exam Preparation online course learning global customer experience management skills with world-renowned trainer Daniel Ord is $1,797 AUD ex GST.

Early Bird Special: Save $200 if you book before 30 November 2021 (No other discounts apply).

This includes:

  • 18 hours of live facilitated training with Daniel Ord, one of only 15 Recognised Training Providers in the world accredited by the CXPA.
  • An optional one-hour private CCXP Exam Preparation Coaching Session with Daniel if you are going to sit for the CCXP exam.
  • A 15% discount coupon voucher to join the CXPA and the exam fee saving you over $100 USD
  • A comprehensive workbook containing examples, templates etc
  • A great resource library sent post-course completion
  • A hard copy signed certificate of completion


Save for multiple tickets!

Save money if you book for more than one person in the same transaction (discounts will be applied automatically on checkout and no other discounts apply):

  • Send two people and save 20%
  • Send three or more people and save 30%

Dates don’t suit? Check out our other upcoming CX courses ocontact us for private training options.

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Feb 4, 2022 @ 5:30 PM AEDT
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