Contact Centre Management Courses

The modern contact manager requires a lot of skills to be successful and our numerous contact centre management courses provide the best opportunity to refine skills for existing managers or learn fundamental contact centre management techniques  (that can apply to any contact centre) for someone about to step into a new role.

With contact centres a melting pot of balancing customer expectations, internal stakeholders, technology, data, employee management and so on it’s certainly no easy task.  Contact Centre managers also need to provide leadership, be tactical and strategic in their decision making, make complex decisions based on data and have high levels of emotional intelligence.

Don’t ask for much do we?

online contact centre management courses

The different disciplines of contact centre management

All of our contact centre management courses have been designed, and are facilitated by, experienced Contact Centre managers with decades of real operational experience. As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of different moving parts to running a successful contact centre operations and our courses range from general management through to niche areas if you need to hone your skills in a particular niche.

Courses can include:

  • The science of contact centres – Proven contact centre concepts that can apply to any contact centre irrespective of industry, type etc including formulas to calculate workload and staffing requirements.
  • How contact centres work  – Understanding the operational dynamics and processes that create an effective and cost-efficient contact centre including what type of KPIs to use.
  • Leadership & Engagement – At the heart of every contact centre is people. Knowing how to lead and engage your team is critical to ongoing success.
  • Workforce Optimisation – Understanding the drivers of costs in a contact centre and ways you can deliver more for less including creating rosters, optimising queues and more.
  • Quality Management  – The tools, processes and methodologies required to deliver a consistent quality customer experience.

Public or Private Courses?

All our contact centre manager courses can be delivered privately (either online or in-house) or publicly, either online or at a venue (COVID permitting!).

Public Courses

Our publicly available courses enable you to enrol as few as one employee making them a cost-effective way of upskilling yourself or a select few in the latest contact centre management skills and practices.

The public courses can also be a great way to interact and learn from others in either the same or different industries.

Each course has fixed times and dates making it easy to plan around shifts, holidays, induction periods etc.

You’ll find a list of all our upcoming public Contact Centre Management Training Courses at the bottom of this page.

Private Courses

Whilst the public Contact Centre Management training courses can be a great way to interact with others and are perfect for small numbers, sometimes you need more flexibility with the dates and times or you’d like the benefits of training larger groups of agents within your business.

Our private courses can be delivered in-house or online with dates and times to suit you and we can also include custom-built role plays, simulations and call examples based on your business rather than generic ones we use in our public courses.

Learn more about our private training options >

Upcoming Public Contact Centre Management Training Courses