Melbourne CX and Call Centre Industry

Melbourne has a long and established call centre community with several large call centre outsourcers and many of the largest privately managed call centres in Australia all calling Melbourne home.

With Melbourne’s celebrated large diverse culture and one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia, it makes it an attractive proposition for contact centre operators with access to well educated, and large volumes of people.

It’s not just Melbourne city though that is home to all the contact centres.

Victoria also has several regional areas that have all recognised the commercial benefits of having call centres in town providing jobs for many of the locals. Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo lead the charge with contact centres in regional areas employing thousands of contact centre agents.

With CX Skills also based in Melbourne, you’ll be spoilt for choices in finding the best course to attend!

Where can you find the upcoming CX & Call Centre Training Courses in Melbourne?

CX Skills provides training courses specifically for CX and Contact Centre professionals and we have listed our publicly available course being held in Melbourne below.

But sometimes it may not be practical to send entire teams down to Melbourne so thankfully, we can also come to you!

We can either deliver our public courses specifically for your (with a bit of tweaking to suit your business with branding, examples etc) or we can custom design a training program to address your specific requirements.

Contact us to learn more.

CX & Call Centre Training Venues in Melbourne

We are spoilt for choice in suitable venues for call centre training courses in Melbourne CBD so, in order to keep our course costs down for you, we constantly search and evaluate venues that provide the right environment for learning and that deliver outstanding value for all our course participants.


Upcoming CX & Call Centre Training Courses in Melbourne

With COVID-19 we have suspended all our public training courses until it is safe to resume. Learn more about our online training courses or we can customise a training course to deliver in-house/on-premise for you.